DS TECHEETAH has dated . The official test drives before the seventh ABB FIA Formula E season were completed from November 1st to December 1st. They took place on the Ricardo Torno race track in Valencia, Spain. The result is promising. Both the pilots and the team were able to test their strategy and try out the application and cloth under racing conditions. In contrast to the city-center routes typical of Formula E, the circuit in Valencia is a classic racetrack. It is therefore too early to compare the actual assemblies with those of the other teams. Nevertheless, the test drives were an important determining factor for engineers and pilots.

Price Preston, Team Principal DS TECHEETAH: “Race rhythm and best times are seldom the focus of such test drives. As a rule, we pay particular attention to creating the best possible conditions for our engineers. Of course, we also want to put our plans and strategies to the test. Because no simulation, however good, can replace real test drives under racing conditions. The tests that we previously carried out in the simulator do not give united states any information about what will or can actually happen on the racetrack. During the three days in Valencia we went through various options. Once an idea worked, we had enough time to deepen it. The racetrack in Valencia does not correspond to the typical route of the Formula E championship because it is a classic racetrack. But we can measure how the performance of our cars has developed compared to previous Formula E seasons. And that in turn can be compared with the results of the competition. The values ​​do not provide any reliable information about who is currently the fastest, but you can see who has made the greatest progress compared to the reference time. “


Xavier Mestelan Pinon, Director DS Performance: “Last year we completed the sixth Formula E season and won both titles. We won the driver and team standings. This year the competition starts again. We’re starting the seventh Formula E season with the clear goal of defending our titles. The three days of test drives are an artwork rehearsal. The changing track conditions were a welcome opportunity to put our racing cars and their technical systems to the test. We have also refined our setups to be prepared for any eventuality. It is always possible that we will have to go to the originate again on a race track that is atypical for the Formula E championship. Our pilots posted very good times under all track conditions. Of course, we cannot look to the future. The opposite would have been very worrying. We don’t want to jump to conclusions from the tests, but we’re confidently heading to Chile for the first Formula E race of the season. Ultimately, that’s all that counts. ”

Antonio Félix da Costa, reigning Formula E world champion:“ The three-day test drives were very intense, but also very useful. We have tried many different setups, and we have achieved good results with some. This is very important because this preparation will help united states throughout the season. Even with the drive from last season, we were on par with the competition. The next few days we united states will recover a little. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I can hardly wait to start the year 2021 myself. I hope the new year will be calmer and more relaxed for everyone. We see united states in Santiago again. The first two rounds of the seventh Formula E season will take place there in January. ”

Jean-Éric Vergne, Formula E World Champion 2017/2018 and 2018/2019: “The test drives in Valencia went well. I am very proud of what we have achieved. We worked out a strict schedule and were able to draw important conclusions. The findings will help united states achieve outstanding performance in the coming season. I’m going into the season even more confident than last year. I can’t wait to finally be at the origin of the first race in Santiago. But before that we take a short Christmas break. The team worked hard all year round and deserved relaxation. “

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