(Motorsport-Total.com) – George Russell was not the only youngster from the Mercedes talent pool who made people sit up and take notice at the Gargantuan Prix in Sachir. Esteban Ocon, who was relegated to the side of the track last year as a Mercedes substitute driver, also celebrated his first podium in the premier class with Renault in his comeback year and took second place .

Esteban Ocon

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That doesn’t leave his former sponsor Toto Wolff indifferent either. “I’m really happy to see Esteban up there because he had a difficult season,” said the Mercedes team boss. “In probably half of the qualifying sessions there was the smallest gap between him and Daniel. And the races could have been different.”

The Austrian emphasizes: “We know about Esteban’s capacity, became he can. Sometimes you just have to give them time to untie the knot and they perform well. And I’m excited to see how it goes from here. I think he deserves the podium. I think Renault deserves it to stand up there. “

Ocon: Crew helped him to believe in himself

Ocon himself describes it as “great to finally achieve this result”. He confirms that it was not an easy year. You could see progress coming, but not always be able to implement it on the route, “became in a certain way frustrating”, said the Frenchman, who has so far mostly made the top in the second half 10 drove.

“We have always believed in united state itself, That’s the most important thing. If you’re not performing at your best in this sport, it’s something very difficult because criticism’s not long in coming. But the people around you who are important always support you and they have helped me a lot, “says Ocon, praising the team spirit.

Interview Toto Wolff: Hamilton & the “Sunless Swan”

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Interview Toto Wolff: Hamilton & der

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Together with Daniel Ricciardo’s fifth place, Renault achieved the best overall result so far this season in Sachir . Only Racing Level recorded a better yield last Sunday, who celebrated a double podium for the first time with the win of Sergio Perez and third place for Lance Stroll.

Toto Wolff describes the Sachir podium as “refreshing”

“This podium is in a certain sense Wise refreshing “, Wolff classified Sachir’s top 3 after Mercedes had awarded a possible one-two through a glaring breakdown during the pit stop. “I’m happy for Sergio because he was so fast out there, and of course I’m happy for Lawrence (Stroll; editor’s note).”

The team owner of Racing Level has shown that “intelligent decisions and intelligent strategies can lead to success”, so Wolff. “A year ago who would have thought that Racing Level would finish first and third, with all the pessimists out there. At the end of the day, he put his words into action.”

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