In his first Formula 4 season, Valentino Catalano catapulted himself into the notebooks of experts and the big racing teams. As the youngest driver (at the start of the season 14 years old) the native Westheimer a sensation: Catalano was able to win the junior ranking in all 17 races, was not eliminated once and can now call himself French Formulation 4 Junior Champion 2020. You couldn’t celebrate a debut in a racing series more impressively.

In addition, the meanwhile 15 – year olds over four podium places in the overall ranking of Formula 4 (three times P3 and once P2) and was able to secure fifth place in the Formula 4 overall standings due to his consistently good results. A huge success that the usa is valued more highly than that its competitors are partly fully professional as factory drivers and already have significantly more experience on the racetracks of the world.


Valentino Catalano was correspondingly happy after the last race of the season: “I’m entirely overjoyed that I got the chance to drive Formula 4. At my age, that’s anything but natural. I was able to learn a lot and of course I am proud of the Formulation 4 Junior title. But it is much more important that I was able to gain priceless experience and had a lot of fun. I live my dream and enjoy every race. ”

The high school student who, as a member of the FFSA Academy with headquarters in Le Mans, takes part in the high-class Formula 4 with a French license was allowed to, which is generally regarded as a stepping stone into the high racing series, is already looking ahead: “Of course I hope that I 2021 I can start again in Formula 4 and can then continue to improve in order to get one step closer to my big goal, Formula 1. The preparation for the new season starts immediately and I will give everything to become even better and to keep learning. “

Catalano doesn’t have a big racing team behind him or enjoys the advantages of being a works driver. Small sponsors and his family ensure that he can live his dream of being a Formula 1 driver and it is more amazing how quickly he got into the series in usa.

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