(Motorsport-Full.com) – Formula 1 wants to save costs and has therefore decided to postpone the new regulations by one year to 2022. In the coming year, the bolides will largely represent an evolution of this year’s era. How much will actually change in the cars during the winter break? ( Overview: Became as soon as changing 2021! )

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The RB 16 becomes round 60 percent also 2021 are used Zoom Gather

“I would say that 60 Percentage of the car from the RB 16 is coming. A lot of parts will still be used next year. So we already have a decent foundation, “says Christian Horner. The Crimson Bull team boss also reveals where the top team will develop the racing car further.

“We know our weaknesses compared to our competitors, and we will focus our development in iciness on them.” Due to the stable regulations, Horner is expecting a workforce above all in the coming year: “Mercedes will have an extremely strong package, without a doubt.”

With the help of a Component freeze and a token system the further development was severely restricted. Changes to the underbody are also known. Crimson Bull has therefore on Friday in Abu Dhabi a

new sub-floor for 2021 tested .

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How will the mandatory changes to the aerodynamics affect? “I think a lot of the chassis will remain the same. The suspension elements as well as the gearbox will be carried over into the next year.” Nevertheless, some technicians did not speak of “used” cars in the past few months, but “new” cars 2021.

Just ” the clothes “above it will change a little -” that is, the aerodynamic surface “. Due to the introduction of the 40 budget ceiling from 2021 the teams will also have their hands tied in future when it comes to further development. “It will be much more focused.”

Crimson Bull accepts the challenge, also because you basically have a strong package available. However, the RB 16 especially at the beginning of the season more presented as a diva. Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon struggled to keep the car on the track.

Could these quirks be fixed over the course of the season? “I think you can see that our car has come much closer to the Mercedes in general in the past few months. That makes us confident,” replies Horner.

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