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Photo: Renault

At the 13. December is the last time a Renault works team will start in Formula 1 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The French manufacturer looks to 43 years ago in the premier class of motorsport and shaped the racing series with two driver and designer titles each, 35 Wins and overall 360 Begins decisive. As of the coming season, the Alpine F1 Crew will succeed.

With 40 Years of being part of Formula 1, Renault is one of the most traditional players in large Prix ​​sport. At the 16. July 1977 rolled at the Grand Prix of England with the Renault RS 01 the brand’s first monoposto to the starting line and, as the first Formula 1 vehicle with turbocharging, also wrote motorsport history. Jean-Pierre Jabouille was at the wheel. With the RS 10 brought Jabouille 1977 at the French Large Prix on the Dijon circuit -Prenois in France the first Large Prix victory for Renault and the first ever turbo victory in Formula 1. With this success, Renault revolutionized motorsport. The turbo concept soon proved so successful that no designer could get around it. Soon the manufacturer was also supplying customer teams with its charged V6 units.


After the withdrawal of the factory racing team 1986 returned Renault 1989 with a new V 10 – naturally aspirated engine back to Formula 1 as engine supplier. In the 1990 s years the engine developed into the measure of all things and was 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1997 with Williams guarantor for five design engineer titles. With Benetton came 1994 another world championship team added. The French powerhouse also helped five drivers to become world champions.

From 1997 Renault went to the Open again with a works team. Success came quickly: Already 2003 Fernando Alonso won the first race in Hungary. 2005 followed the final breakthrough: With eight victories, the Renault F1 crew won with the R 25 – Chassis and the V 10 – RS engine 25 the design engineer title. Renault driver Alonso became driver world champion. Even after switching to the V8 Combination, Renault again developed a package of winners that helped the works team achieve its second double World Championship victory in a row. After the factory team withdrew again 2010 Renault also remained successful as an engine supplier: 2005, 2011, 2012 and 2013 the brand helped the Crimson Bull Racing Crew to four constructors ‘titles and Sebastian Vettel to four drivers’ world championships .

In the course of the switch to hybrid drives with extensive systems for the recovery of energy, Renault has been since 2016 again active with a works team in the premier class.


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