(Motorsport-Total.com) – Is Nikita Masepin acceptable for Haas in Formula 1 after the incidents of the past few days ? The British ‘Sky’ discussed this question in free coaching for the Abu Dhabi Huge Prix, also and especially against the background of the # WeRaceAsOne campaign of Formula 1 , with which the racing series wants to set an example and become more tolerant.

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Controversial Formula 1 newcomer: Nikita Masepin drives 2020 for US crew Haas Zoom Download

Former Formula 1 driver Anthony Davidson said: “I trust Haas that they will take this thing seriously. I really hope so.” The US crew had announced that they wanted to settle the matter “internally” with their future regular driver without giving concrete information about the exact measures.

Davidson speaks of a “great lesson” in every tumble that the Huge Prix scene has to learn. And he emphasizes: There could be no two opinions in this tumble: “We don’t want our sport to look like this. We stand together.”

The role model function of a professional athlete

Especially for a professional athlete it is “extremely important how to behave, “Davidson continues. “The bottom line is that you are a brand.”

For Paul di Resta, there is even more at stake. “It’s not just about Formula 1,” he said. “You just don’t want to see that used to be.”

And Davidson states: “We all think the same way about it. Now let’s see what happens next.” Haas has not yet disclosed any facts. World Automobile Federation (FIA) and Formula 1 left it with a commentary , according to which you trust the crew to take the right action.

Di Resta does not want to reset penalty points to zero

But according to di Resta, those responsible for FIA and Formula 1 could do more, for example tighten the thumbscrews in the event of any kind of offense. Di Resta, himself a former Huge Prix driver, specifically addresses the penalty point card and says: Formula 1 climbers in particular should not be allowed to start with a “clean slate”.

Masepin, for example, immediately collected enough penalty points in Formula 2 to avoid any further Violation to be banned – he would have stayed in Formula 2. After his move to Formula 1, however, his penalty points account is back to zero.

That is exactly what di Resta criticizes and says: “I think it is important that the penalty points are kept, yes from karting on. So that you behave on the track. That has to get into your head before you get into the premier class. “

” In Formula 1, the penalty points are from one I think that’s right. And even if you leave Formula 1, the points should keep counting. “

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