1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Performed by David Coulthard) 

Q: Max, congratulations, your first pole whisper [of 2020]. Build aside us in the cockpit.

Max VERSTAPPEN: I mentioned before I went to qualifying that it’s going to be the ideal send of the season and we did that, so extra than elated with that. It changed into pretty a fancy qualifying in the starting you perceive, to receive your laps in, namely at this be conscious the closing sector, there are so great of corners the build you maybe can also fabricate a mistake but yeah the total lot came together in that ideal lap.

Q: It shows mountainous growth from the Crimson Bull staff. It shows mountainous growth from Honda. It’s a mountainous skill for you to cease this season and sets you up perfectly to cross for the consume the following day.

MV: Yeah, exactly. It’s a long season for everyone and namely a form of races in a row. I believe this changed into an real ideal qualifying for everyone in the staff. The complete yr whereas you are in the motivate of but getting closer it’s getting typically pretty worrying but very, extra than elated with at the present time.

Q: Eager in the mosey the following day, how are the long runs? How competitive draw you mediate it is seemingly you’ll perchance well maybe also be?

MV: Yeah, I don’t think we did a form of laps – everyone. We’ll correct must wait and look how that goes. We’ll strive to attract our best seemingly; strive to preserve them in the motivate of. They are level-headed very hasty, but it appears to be like we have pretty decent prime race this weekend so confidently this is in a position to perchance honest figure out the following day.

Q: Valtteri, you drove a mountainous lap in the automobile. It’s no straightforward assignment, as everyone is conscious of, to outqualify Lewis, but then in the cease Max comes and steals the pole from you?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, we noticed in practice three that Crimson Bull, namely in the fingers of Max changed into dazzling hasty. I believe the precious project changed into that we couldn’t receive the delicate tyres to work nicely as they’ll also honest level-headed, so the total skill till qualifying the medium tyres changed into better for us than the delicate. I believe we made some improvements but taking a mediate at the cease result I don’t think we bought 100% out of a single lap from the tyres. On the lap itself I wasn’t fully elated how the total lot went. The steadiness changed into no longer pretty supreme. Obviously tiny margins and the following day is the day.

Q: If you yell it wasn’t pretty supreme, changed into that correct on the total across the lap or changed into there one advise sector the build you had been struggling?

Valtteri BOTTAS: In direction of the cease of qualifying I began to struggle pretty extra with the entrance cease of the automobile – maybe with the be conscious cooling down. Then it made it advanced to pork up extra, as a result of I knowing we’re going to provide you with the option to also honest level-headed had been pretty pretty sooner than the earlier sessions but Crimson Bull managed to optimise the total lot for the closing share of their qualifying which matters.

Q: Lewis, it’s been a mighty couple of weeks for you, how correct changed into it to be motivate in the automobile?

Lewis HAMILTON: Honestly, as I’ve mentioned by the weekend, truly grateful to be motivate here with the staff and verify out to shut out the gain season we’ve had. It’s for sure been a fancy weekend, I would yell, correct getting motivate into a rhythm, even supposing it’s best seemingly been a few weeks off it correct felt corresponding to you’d misplaced that momentum and I truly struggled previously with the steadiness this weekend. But I gave it my all. Congratulations to Max, it’s a mountainous skill for him to seal the yr, a yr of mountainous performance, but we’re going to confidently give them an real race for their money the following day.

Q: I know you are going to be disenchanted now to no longer have the pole but many, care for myself, I’m certain are truly excited to leer what you maybe can also draw from third whisper. You’re a pure born mosey so is the thoughts already pondering ‘how can turn this round?’

LH: Completely. Completely. For certain it’s continuously fantastic to birth up first but you maybe can also’t continuously and this makes it great extra though-provoking. It’s a truly advanced be conscious to overtake naturally but with approach and the total lot maybe we’re going to provide you with the option to… The starting up up is going to be necessary, first few laps, these stints, yeah I’m for sure excited to strive to identify how I’m in a position to turn it round.

Q: You mention approach, any insight you maybe can also give as to what it’s taking a mediate care for by stops the following day?

LH: I wouldn’t yell it’s taking a mediate care for the relaxation though-provoking. It’s most often a one cease here or one thing care for that. I don’t think a two-cease works, you’ve bought a terribly long pit lane and pit lane exit as an illustration, so everyone will strive to minimise it to a one, but we shall look. 


Q: Max, many congratulations, pole amount three of your profession and your first of 2020. You’re in a advise seat, here in the press convention – correct how sweet changed into that ideal lap of Q3?

MV: Yeah, it’s fantastic for as soon as to sit on this seat but it changed into pretty a  advanced qualifying in the starting up to receive the laps in. I don’t know, in Q1 I purchased stuck in the guidance wheel with my hand so I had to attract another lap but then also on the Mediums, changed into pretty advanced but we managed to receive out lap in after which yeah, in Q3 it wasn’t too noxious. This be conscious has so many corners it’s very straightforward to fabricate a mistake. It’s pretty care for Singapore the build every nook correct follows up.

LH: Much extra difficult than closing week!

MV: Yeah! It changed into pretty pretty extra difficult than closing week.

Q: But Max, correct how correct changed into that pole lap at the cease there?

MV: It changed into correct ample, happily. I crossed the line and I noticed clearly I changed into spirited up but there had been level-headed a few automobiles in the motivate of me but it feels fantastic. The complete yr we had been closing in pretty bit. Passed over out a few times after which in the kill to no longer lower than sit here as soon as, after clearly, the dominance they’d all yr long, I believe it’s very fantastic for us, and the total staff as nicely, it’s been a truly long season – in a short time frame, a form of races. I believe everyone, you perceive they need the break but to have ballotstate is undoubtedly an real motivation for everyone in the staff to strive to manufacture it off the following day.

Q: Effectively Max, the mosey has been won from pole for the past 5 years. How confident are you of the RB16’s mosey tempo?

MV: Effectively, we’ll uncover the following day, to be correct. I’m in a position to have a mediate at what we’re going to provide you with the option to attract but I believe no longer a form of oldsters had an real future as a result of the pink flag we had, so that is also attention-grabbing the following day. I’ll draw my best seemingly, appears to be like care for our prime race this weekend is no longer too noxious and that’s continuously fantastic. For certain, Valtteri and Lewis, they’re going to be very shut and that’s also an real battle, confidently.

Q: Valtteri, so shut in the cease. You had been a matter of hundredths in the motivate of Max. Worthwhile how correct changed into your ideal lap of Q3?

VB: I believe care for Max mentioned, here it’s clearly extraordinarily advanced to receive a supreme lap. That’s in the kill continuously the goal but you maybe can also continuously gain a few hundredths here and there, so clearly, certain, might well perchance have done a greater job as a result of it wasn’t too noxious. I believe the precious project changed into truly, as the session changed into occurring, I felt care for it changed into getting an increasing number of advanced, and in Q3 I changed into drastically stunned at how diminutive shall we extract lap time, better be conscious and the total lot. So, maybe struggled pretty with the entrance cease of the automobile in opposition to the cease of the quali. Perchance with the be conscious temp dropping. In the kill, I believe, at the present time namely, Crimson Bull had been truly hasty on the Soft tyre and I believe we’ve lacked pretty in extracting extra from the Soft, when put next with the Medium. So I believe that’s one thing to learn for the longer term but at the least, it is the mosey the following day and it’s going to be a shut one – no longer lower than between us three.

Q: You’ve outlined the one-lap tempo. How confident are you for your long runs after Friday?

VB: In no longer unique, we have a gain equipment, despite which be conscious. I believe everyone’s long-operating changed into compromised but everyone is conscious of we have a gain car and I felt extra elated with the Medium tyre, so confidently we’re going to provide you with the option to have correct tempo and I’m certain we’re going to provide you with the option to combat for the consume.

Q: Lewis, coming to you, welcome motivate, mountainous to leer you as soon as more. Unbelievably shut at the pinnacle there, lower than a tenth of a 2d keeping apart the pinnacle three. What’s your feeling after this session?

LH: I’m correct elated to be motivate. Worthwhile grateful. Congrats to Max, he did a mountainous job at the present time and I don’t think it’s about talking about whether you had an real lap or no longer, or whether you’ll be in a position to have extra. At the cease of the day, Max did the job at the present time and we correct must focal level to the following day. I’m correct, as I yell, grateful to be motivate and whereas I’m potentially no longer a hundred per cent, I level-headed gave my all.

Q: Fleet be privy to Q1. We noticed you race huge at the starting of Q1. Used to be the automobile carrying any damage for the the relaxation of the session?

LH: It did have pretty little bit of damage yeah. It’s the first time I’d long past huge there all weekend, so correct pretty little bit of damage to the bottom but nothing that… I don’t think that if there hadn’t been damage then I would have bought pole. For certain it does no longer’ abet but nonetheless the fellows did an real job  to strive to patch it up and they’ll fix it overnight.


Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) My inquire of is to Valtteri. Valtteri, it changed into pretty uncommon that Toto came on the radio in the cease, as a result of he says he doesn’t interfere, most often, with complaints. What changed into the reason in the motivate of that?

VB: What would I yell is the reason? I mean, he can continuously verify with us if he wants. The closing days we’ve had a chat about diverse things. We’re a staff and we toughen every other if we feel care for… you perceive that if you maybe can also toughen another person in the staff with encouragement or particular phrases, you draw it. I would draw the identical for any staff member. Nothing bigger than that. I believe it’s a deepest ingredient.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Build aside a question to to Lewis. Worthwhile shock how you’re feeling? We haven’t caught up with you as a result of you examined certain. I correct wondered how noxious your expertise changed into, how noxious your symptoms had been and how you’re feeling now, whether you mediate this is in a position to perchance honest impact your mosey the following day? Obviously breathing difficulties, one among the symptoms you draw have with Covid. I correct shock if that can impact you in the mosey?

LH: I believe naturally I produce no longer need to cross into too great detail of it all. Like I mentioned in Australia, correct how serious the virus is, and I’m in a position to truly feel for these that are and have suffered from it, these which have misplaced ones from it and I’m in a position to take hold of the model as a result of it’s a defective virus. I’m no longer a hundred per cent. I level-headed have some feeling within my lungs but nonetheless, most often I would pressure if one among my fingers changed into hanging off. That’s what we draw as racing drivers and happily that’s no longer the case. It for sure won’t be the simplest of races physically. I mean, I will organize and give it fully the total lot I’ve bought.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Initially, Lewis it’s mountainous to have you ever motivate. Build aside a question to for all three of you. It changed into a blinding uncommon result, I believe the McLaren changed into best seemingly two-tenths off the pole whisper at the present time. Did you expect one thing care for this qualifying result after FP3 when we had been in fully diverse positions. We noticed the Crimson Bull changed into quickest. Did you expect Max to be on prime in qualifying. And to boot, to the Mercedes drivers, did you’ll be in a position to have any complications in advise – as a result of it’s no longer no longer unique that a McLaren is best seemingly two-tenths off.

MV: I knowing it changed into going to be shut but then before the total lot in qualifying I changed into struggling pretty bit but then I believe we managed to turn it round in Q3, so that changed into certain. And yeah, with the McLaren, I don’t know, I haven’t pushed the automobile, so I don’t know the procedure correct the automobile changed into round here but it gave the affect care for it changed into dazzling decent.


VB: I in reality think at the present time changed into about extracting how great you maybe can also extract off the Soft tyre on a single lap. As I mentioned earlier, we’ve had a sense that the Medium has been too correct when put next with the Soft tyre, which implies that we’ve no longer most seemingly bought a hundred per cent out of the one lap with the Soft tyre. That can fabricate a gigantic disagreement on this impact of be conscious. So, I’m no longer certain, as a staff, we made a hundred per cent out of it. And, for certain, there’s masses of things to learn.

Lewis, changed into it closer than you expected getting into to the session?

LH: I wasn’t looking ahead to the relaxation, to be correct. I expected Max to be gain. The Crimson Bull, I believe, has regarded very, very hasty, namely the outdated few races, and they’ve continuously been pretty gain here, so I expected them to be hasty. I believe most seemingly I would have knowing we might well perchance had been pretty better than we had been. It changed into a valid struggle at the present time, no longer lower than with my car. In fact elated to leer a McLaren so shut, namely with… they’ve bought adjustments, they’re the utilization of our engine next yr, so it’s mountainous to leer that they’re ending the yr with an real car, so that they’ll most seemingly be in the combat with us next yr. If that makes it a 3-skill staff championship I believe that might well perchance be perfect for the followers to leer.

Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Lewis, there’s been a form of focal level on George Russell following his honest correct level to in Bahrain when he stepped in for you. We’ve viewed, as soon as more at the present time, how gain Valtteri’s been the total skill by this season in qualifying. How impressed have you ever been with Valtteri’s performances by this yr? Attain you feel he’s truly, truly been ready to push you, namely in qualifying?

LH: I mean, I don’t know the procedure many extra fantastic phrases I’m in a position to narrate about Valtteri. I already did, the closing time I changed into in Bahrain. Now no longer seemingly great… I don’t think Valtteri wants to defend his performance. I don’t feel care for I must. I believe he’s continued to work at it and he’s for sure had very, very shut qualifyings, namely this yr. No, care for I mentioned before, it’s never straightforward being a staff… having gain teammates. It’s a continuing battle between you both, both mentally and emotionally by the yr and what’s truly mountainous with us is that we combat it out onerous on goal, but then when we’re originate air, I believe we organize to preserve a gentleman… a working relationship and I believe that’s a astronomical exhibiting of his personality and persona as a man. I know next yr he’s going to be taking extra steps, so I’ve bought to cross and work away and verify out and gain some extra race for next yr as already this weekend he’s ahead of me, so correct job.

Q: (Jerome Pugmire – AP) Lewis, I correct desired to examine up with you what you mentioned a few weeks ago in Bahrain when to catch the letters from the human rights dazzling groups, you mentioned you’d preserve the time to learn them. I perceive you’ve been in sad health and most seemingly you haven’t had that great time free, but I changed into correct questioning if you’ll be in a position to have had a chance to learn them? Three of them had been personally addressed to you and if you’ll be in a position to have had the time, what your feeling is ready that?

LH: Yeah, I truly have, clearly, had beyond regular time to learn them. I had hoped after the first to have had time to sit and address it with the Crown Prince but I changed into bedridden for a form of the week and I clearly wasn’t ready to leer anybody. In the kill, it isn’t necessarily my responsibility to focus on out on places I don’t know the total lot about but I believe we, together, continuously must work to push for replace, for improvements. The real fact is… I believe the saddest ingredient for me is that there’s a younger man on death row and it’s no longer obvious, when his son writes me a letter that… it truly hits home. All lives matter, you perceive, and so I believe it’s… there’s for sure work to be done in the background and I for sure won’t let it high-tail ignored and as I mentioned before, if I receive some time now I will undoubtedly strive to consult with these and look how I’m in a position to positively impact our weekend as a sport spirited forwards when we high-tail to those mountainous places.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Plug) Lewis, clearly I know what you mentioned and don’t need to cross into your symptoms too great and fully appreciate that. You mentioned that you simply’re no longer feeling 100% level-headed. Is it that the adrenalin or despite is able to elevate you through it on the lap? Attain you feel, I whisper, that as soon as the lap’s over whereas you’re getting out of the automobile, is that after it’s hitting you pretty bit?

LH: I believe it’s overall energy. One of the critical symptoms is that it truly drains you so I’ve been attempting to sleep as great as I’m in a position to but recharging is no longer as straightforward because it most seemingly most often has been in the past. I misplaced an real amount of weight, correct in that week so as I mentioned, no longer 100% the identical I changed into the closing time I raced but it’s in no procedure going to receive in the technique of me going out and give it my all the following day.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Max, you mentioned one thing on the radio and also you mentioned correct now about catching your hand on the cockpit. Has it took whisper before? What changed into it? Would possibly maybe there be a recurrence or changed into it correct an miserable cross that you simply made at the time?

MV: No, I believe it must had been one thing miserable but I purchased stuck; I believe it changed into between the wheel and my knee. Yeah. It never took whisper to me before but I actually changed into correct guidance in opposition to the wall. Worthwhile, I whisper, an miserable action.


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