(Motorsport-Total.com) – Racing Point driver Lance Stroll qualified eighth in the last qualifying of the year in Abu Dhabi . The Canadian had to drive the qualifying with his old vitality unit, team mate Sergio Perez received a new Mercedes engine before the weekend. “We barely survive, used to be the mileage concerned.”

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Stroll has exhausted its engine contingent this season and is in the third Vitality Unit 2020. Racing Point is taking a risk in Abu Dhabi because the 22 – year old had already received his third engine after his heavy smash in Mugello – and it had to last for many kilometers.

“Checo has a new engine” , white stroll. “In Mugello the engine took quite a bit, so it was for the bin. That’s why we had to switch to the third drive very early. That’s why I’ve been using it for a long time.” Stroll was able to save a little mileage due to the rainy Nürburgring weekend, but his Mercedes drive will soon have reached the end of its life cycle. A gamble for Racing Point, as the Group is still fighting for third place in the Constructors’ Championship .

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The fight against McLaren and Renault is about millions in prize money. The change of engine and the transfer of the penalty from Perez increased the pressure on Stroll to score as many points as possible on Sunday. He was able to leave at least both Renault drivers behind in qualifying, but both McLaren start ahead of him.

Will his engine stop? It was only in Bahrain that team-mate Perez lost a podium position due to an engine failure. “We already thought about changing the engine or not at a couple of races. But we wanted to postpone it as long as possible until the end of the season.”

Once again good 300 kilometers the drive in Stroll’s rear has to be Hold sunday. But he already has an efficiency disadvantage compared to his direct competitors: “Maybe a tenth of a professional round,” he estimates. “We still have a fast car, a lot can happen with a good strategy and a good open.”

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