It’s time for the remaining Final On The Brakes Podcast of the season with LCR Honda Idemitsu’s Takaaki Nakagami

It’s time for the remaining Final On The Brakes Podcast of 2020. What a stir it’s been in a loopy season and to cap it off, we’ve obtained the fabulous Takaaki Nakagami (LCR Honda Idemitsu) having a chat about deal of appealing issues – well rate your time!

Despite missing out on that elusive maiden MotoGP™ podium, Nakagami has had an impressive 2020 advertising campaign and has most often flown the Honda flag in the absence of eight-time World Champion Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Group). And this yr it’s been no secret that Nakagami has been delving into the quantity 93’s records, to witness how the Spanish magician goes about his work. The Eastern star talks about how he’s tried to be taught from Marc Marquez in all areas, but in particular braking.

“I’m no longer a World Champion, I’ve by no methodology obtained MotoGP races or had podiums in MotoGP. I’m in my third yr and quiet no ‘very fair correct’ outcomes,” comments Nakagami. “So I’m consistently looking out to give a boost to myself, my using type, my bike setup. So from the first yr I’ve consistently checked out records, in particular my teammate, Cal’s. I didn’t alternate that type. As an illustration, if I’m one 2d faster than my teammate, I consistently witness at the records quiet because in some areas, 100% I’m in a position to fetch that he’s a minute bit faster. There’s consistently one thing to fetch. Pointless to dispute, the first flee in Jerez this yr I executed P10. For me it became once a extremely execrable result, the flee tempo, the feeling on the bike, it became once if truth be told execrable for me.

“The next flee became once coming very soon and I realised I even must alternate the type because with the 2019 bike, I had the surgery in the iciness, bodily I became once no longer 100% so I even must alternate. So the entirely manner became once to witness Marc’s records. He knows rather great easy systems to cope with the bike… in particular closing season in 2019, he obtained many, many races, so why no longer? If I even have of venture, I strive to witness his records how he manages this bike. Then, I’m in a position to hunt many tricks in braking, mid-nook, exit, many things. It became once the same bike but on the graphics it became once entirely diversified. First time I saw it, I idea “wow, how does he arrange?” But then from HRC, Takeo outlined very well with the Eastern, analysed the diversified systems of braking, in particular on the braking it’s vastly diversified how he stops the bike. After which one 2d I saw entirely diversified easy systems to close the bike, I idea ‘OK, I even must develop it this way’.

“Pointless to dispute, it’s no longer easy to develop it, to reproduction. But I needed to strive in any other case I’d get hang of the same result as Jerez 1. So I consistently strive to adapt, to undergo in mind the graphic and how he made it, consistently enraged by it and it became once fair correct. I felt that the lucky level after a couple of laps I felt that I chanced on a type of ‘Marc type’. I became once in a position to close very well, it became once easy to close the bike and became once easy to get hang of great extra solutions on the front, so simpler to close and flip, so I became once lucky.

“But I mean, that time I idea I needed to strive, it became once a expansive chance changing the type. After that I consistently strive to give a boost to and offers a boost to. After that I felt that this bike, I even must stir it *this type*. In Jerez 2, I obtained very cease to the podium in P4 then I idea I had shield the type and I will not shuffle assist to ‘my type’. And now, with many races in a row, it’s a natural feeling – it’s no longer enraged by Marc’s type, it’s enraged by my type.”

Only a diminutive snippet from a swish chat with Nakagami, and right here’s what else you may presumably well witness forward to in the closing episode of 2020:

– Deciding on between 2 and 4 wheels

– The next wave of Eastern racing expertise

– Rising the game at dwelling

– Stress and how he presents with it

– Why honesty is the final observe policy

– Kenwood Quickfire

As consistently, you may presumably well hear to this and any other Final On The Brakes episodes for your favoured platform. Thanks for listening and interacting this yr… seek you in 2021!

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