(Motorsport-Entire.com) – “Just fine!” Is how Andreas Seidl sums up the race Sunday in Abu Dhabi from a McLaren point of view. With the ranks five (Lando Norris) and six (Carlos Sainz) , his team can make up the necessary points on racing level and take third place in the Still retract the constructors’ rating . “I’m happy for the whole team.”

Andreas Seidl, Carlos Sainz

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Andreas Seidl is proud of his team Zoom Download

“Third place in the constructors’ championship is of course colorful for us. I’m just proud to be part of the team,” beamed Seidl during an interview with ‘Sky’ after the season finale. For the first time since 620 McLaren is again the third strongest force in the field.

“Of course, there is nothing better than closing the season like this. There is simply colorful motivation for America to get into iciness. Nevertheless, it is important that we stay on the ground. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. We want to move forward in the next few years. But it was definitely a good season. “

Same number of points as 2018 & 2019 together!

With a “relatively easy race” the traditional British team managed to turn things around at the last moment. “We had the Scuttle and after the safety vehicle it was clear that it would be a one-stop race for those who could switch to the hard tires.”

After Sergio Perez his Boliden had to park on the edge of the track after nine laps due to a technical defect, McLaren’s chance of third place in the World Championship increased significantly. Norris and Sainz were always in the top 6 and came to the field for the only stop during the safety vehicle portion.

The two drove an uneventful race on the hard tire over. “So we actually only had to manage our tires. But of course: Especially when it comes to the championship, you naturally wait eternal for any noises and hope that you have no technical wretchedness.”

Lando Norris

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Norris manages P5 in Abu Dhabi, Sainz P6 Zoom Download

The team did a “colorful job”, and his two pilots also made “not a single mistake”, says Seidl happily. The double stop during the safety vehicle also went smoothly – although Sainz was examined by the FIA ​​for sneaking at the pit lane entrance and was finally acquitted.

With full 13 Points in Abu Dhabi comes McLaren in the season 2020 on total 202 World Cup points, almost as many as in the years 2018 and 2019 totaled (207). Seven points ahead of racing level were enough in the end, 21 on Renault.

Those factors ultimately led to the triumph: “We had a competitive car all year round, it was a bit of an all-rounder. We mostly got into Q3 advance and start the races in positions that allowed America to fight for good points, “Seidl says.

Many factors responsible for triumph

He also emphasizes the cooperation in the team. “The guys were just fine at executing the sessions, qualifying and strategy.” The pit stops were less brilliant, a weak point that Seidl also notes.

“At least at the beginning of the season, they didn’t go smoothly, but we saw continuous improvements. In the end, that was a strength our team. ” On the technology side, Seidl is also satisfied with the reliability of the bolides: “We haven’t had a single breakdown this year.”

As the last factors, the German mentions his strategists in the team and his Pilots who did a “sensational job”, “like last year”. After all, Norris and Sainz made all the championship points possible, he proudly notes.

“I think every individual can be really proud to have changed into once we have done as a team. It was really a difficult year, even with the financial crisis we were in. Short-time work, salary cuts and so on “, Seidl enumerates the downsides.

There was also particular news on Sunday: Before the race it was announced that Shares in the McLaren racing team were sold to a group of investors , changed into once means more money for the future. “This is also very important because it ensures that we will have all the resources to be able to operate on an equal footing with the top teams when it comes to funds.”

Among other things, this will improve the infrastructure projects in the factory, including the construction of the new wind tunnel and a new driver simulator. “That is a key to our competitive strength.”

How big is Seidl’s part in the success?

Despite all the difficulties, his team kept pushing and continuously bringing updates to the car. Before the crucial weekend, his team also had to deal with the pressure after a disappointing Bahrain race.

“I’m very happy with the way the team dealt with this pressure, because we are must not forget that we have a lot of young people on the team who have never been in such a spot. I have great respect for how they did it. Hats off. “

The successes on the race track – two podium places (Spielberg 1 and Monza), three fastest race laps – help to keep the team motivated. The next challenges are already waiting for McLaren: the integration of the Mercedes engine and a new driver duo with Daniel Ricciardo.

“It’s great that we were able to get a driver like Daniel , a race winner who has shown in the past that he can win with the right car. “

Photos: McLaren, Great Prix of Abu Dhabi

How much does the team boss himself play in the success? Seidl has been leading the McLaren team since May 2018, previously he was able to work with Porsche, among others achieve great triumphs in the long haul. “Formula 1 is a team sport, it’s not about me. I’m just proud to be part of McLaren.”

One of the reasons why he was part of the Wanted to become a traditional racing team: the glorious history of the team. “These past successes don’t help America anymore, of course. But the reason I get up in the morning, everyone at McLaren gets up, is because we want to be part of a McLaren technology that will hopefully fight for race wins again in the future.”

The best reward that he can imagine as a team boss is laughing team members after a good race. “That’s all, changed into once I need to go on.”


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