(Motorsport-Total.com) – Nobody can take this success away from him: In his very last lap for the Renault works team, Daniel Ricciardo turned 1: 40. 926 minutes the fastest race lap at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2020 .

Daniel Ricciardo

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Far and away no opponent, but Ricciardo gave Renault the fastest lap as a farewell Zoom Download

A sense of achievement at the end of a not exactly exciting race for the Australian who puts it on the track: “We know that Abu Dhabi doesn’t exactly produce the most exciting races. But I have the feeling that I did exactly what used to be I had to do today. “

The Australian started from situation eleven on the hard tires. that he couldn’t take the opportunity to come to the pit stop under VSC. “Without that I might have put a little pressure on the McLarens,” he believes. “Maybe I would have come a little closer to them.”

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It went very well on the hard tire: “The car was really bad. That’s why I’ve been so long hazards. On the medium the tempo was k, but by then I was already in no man’s land. I covered Gasly, but the McLarens were still pretty quick. “

Fastest lap only in the second attempt 242329

And so he went on the fastest lap because he had in the final phase as the only vehicle in the top 10 the faster medium-hard tires on the Car. “I thought on the penultimate lap that I had it in the bag, but then I slipped too far out in the last corner,” said the 31 – year olds.

“That’s why I really got involved in the last lap. It was nice that my very last lap in the Renault was a really fast one. A good way to say goodbye. “

The reward: seventh place and thus again as many World Cup points including the bonus point for the fastest lap. Although this does not bring him or the team forward, the future McLaren driver is at peace with himself.

“I feel fulfilled. When I hit the track today, I already had the feeling: ‘Oh yes, this is where it ends.’ It was a very strong year, even if it was very chaotic and shortened. I’m very satisfied with how far we’ve come. “

That applies to both himself and the team.” There is no award for fifth place in the constructors’ championship , but it speaks for how we turned the tide this season. “It should be noted here that Renault has never been lower than sixth and has even been third.

Ocon: overtaking maneuver in the last lap

For team-mate Esteban Ocon the race became really interesting in the last laps. The Frenchman was able to overtake Racing Point driver Lance Stroll in the last lap. He finished ninth.

“I actually didn’t even know where we were and where the others were because the strategy was so complicated,” said the Frenchman, who 2021 against Fernando Alonso. Ocon had defeated Ricciardo in qualifying and therefore started on the middle arten tires.

“We had different strategies. Starting on the hunt was probably a solid strategy. So I knew he was going to land in front of me. I didn’t know exactly where we and other cars were, like the McLarens. “

Stroll drove around in front of him for almost the entire second stint, up to the last lap.” Me knew the Racing Point was one of the vehicles we had to fight against. Therefore it was very important for me to get this place for the team. Unfortunately it is not enough [um noch Platz vier in der Meisterschaft zu holen] but we fought to the end. It was very nice. “

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