1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Conducted by Martin Brundle) 

Q: Congratulations Max, a astonishing force, pole utter, led each and each lap, what a ultimate system to enter the end season. You primarily deserved that.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, it became primarily appetizing. The outdated day already for sure, nevertheless on the present time we had a colorful launch and from there on for sure you glimpse after the tyres nevertheless the automobile became having primarily gorgeous steadiness. It became primarily appetizing accessible on the present time. We did on the entire the entirety alright. Whenever you also launch up entrance you may per chance also abet watch over the tempo a itsy-bitsy more and it makes your life a itsy-bitsy more uncomplicated.

Q: You had it coated gorgeous from the ranking trudge. You sounded a itsy-bitsy bit bit nervy for tyres towards the conclude. You had some vibrations and whether the tyres would trudge to the conclude or no longer?

MV: Yeah, nevertheless then also I noticed that they had been shedding off in the attend of me so I’d also remove it a itsy-bitsy more uncomplicated. Obviously I had to struggle through a itsy-bitsy of traffic, the backmarkers, nevertheless overall it became simply a truly solid speed for the group.

Q: You didn’t luxuriate in any donuts after the speed on the pit straight?

MV: No, I enjoyed that I won, I’m going to revel in the podium after which I’m going to revel in going dwelling!

Q: Well, we with out a doubt enjoyed watching you speed. We’ve recovered the two Mercedes drivers after their donuts on the grid. Valtteri, 2d in the speed, sooner than Lewis on that one, nevertheless Max with out a doubt had some tempo on the present time. 

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, I ranking Crimson Bull became too quick on the present time, surprisingly quick on the present time. We plan speed tempo will probably be magnificent identical nevertheless they would per chance primarily abet watch over the speed and pull the outlet when mandatory. I became trying the entirety I’d also nevertheless I couldn’t abet up with them.

Q: So you are delighted together with your speed, your tempo. That became it; that became all to acquire on the present time?

VB: I primarily feel admire it became a solid speed from my aspect. No mistakes and I felt admire I couldn’t ranking more out of the equipment we had on the present time. In that sense a colorful speed on the present time nevertheless anyhow sooner than my group-mate. It’s been a whereas since I’ve been on the podium, so it’s going to be nice, even supposing it’s no longer going to be champagne there.

Q: Well done. It’s a truly brief off-season. What occurs now for you through the winter?

VB: We easy appreciate some commitments subsequent week nevertheless for sure a whereas off over Christmas. Expectantly can take into accout the household. It’s been a whereas. I will be succesful of’t bear in mind the closing time I noticed them. Rapid reset, quick coaching block and launch again from zero and appreciate a examine to enact a itsy-bitsy better.

Q: Any message for the group?

VB: I ranking the group has been, admire I acknowledged on the radio, amazing this year. I’m primarily proud that we ranking P1 and P2 in the Drivers’ Championship. Fabulous season by each and each single group personnel in the entire factories so very thankful.

Q: Lewis, your 165th podium in Formula 1. Seven in a row right here nevertheless per chance no longer the step you wished on the present time on the podium?

Lewis HAMILTON: Oh you may per chance also’t clutch all of them! Pondering the past couple of weeks I’ve had I’m primarily most incessantly happy with the weekend. It’s clearly no longer 100% and no longer per chance as gorgeous as we would admire. But congratulations to Max. That became a terribly laborious speed for me, physically. All year, physically I primarily appreciate been beautiful nevertheless on the present time I positively wasn’t. So, I’m simply joyful it’s over. Enormous thank you to the tea, for their continued give a enhance to. It’s easy result to ranking two podium finishes for us.

Q: Getting better from COVID-19, you may per chance even be feeling that’s impacted for your force on the present time no doubt?

LH: Physically? Hugely. I don’t ranking I’ve ever been so blown. My physique is no longer feeling huge. But glimpse on the intense aspect: I made it through and you perceive, I didn’t ranking anytime closing week I will probably be right here so I’m primarily grateful for my successfully being and to be alive and yeah, waiting for recovering over the following time length we now appreciate and getting attend into coaching and ranking my physique attend to the assign I perceive it ought to easy be.

Q: And at closing, Alex Albon closing you down towards the conclude?

LH: Yeah, the Crimson Bulls I ranking this weekend had been unbiased too a long way out of attain for us. We simply couldn’t defend on to the tempo they had. Fine to discover Alex gorgeous up there with us and we had been having a two-group fight, which is what the game needs. I primarily hope and pray in 2022 the autos are better to put together, cos I don’t know, it feels an uneventful speed to glance. As at this time as you ranking internal three seconds of any individual you are simply sliding spherical and you’re in turbulence your entire time. I primarily hope that what Ross [Brawn] has proposed primarily makes a distinction. We simply need gorgeous tyres.


Q: Max successfully done, huge speed by you to remove the 10th clutch of your profession and what a huge system to spherical out the season?

MV: Yeah, it became an appetizing speed. We had a good launch I ranking and from there onwards I’d also address the outlet and would per chance perhaps also glimpse after my tyres. After which for sure the safety automobile got right here out at a itsy-bitsy bit bit of an unlucky time because we then had to enact a truly long stint on the laborious. Fortunately the tyre coped with it nevertheless you proceed to need to adjust it a itsy-bitsy more. The automobile became primarily gorgeous on the present time. Correct a colorful steadiness after which you may per chance also additionally glimpse after your tyres and I’d also then build a gap the entire system through the speed.

Q: It became a dominant performance from you. Any anxious moments for you?

MV: Correct a itsy-bitsy bit bit of vibration on the tyre, so I became ranking attend a itsy-bitsy bit bit to Spa nevertheless also for sure Imola. I became maintaining an glance on it on each and each straight. But yeah, happily all gorgeous. The tempo became easy there. The tyres had been easy performing.

Q: The outlet to Mercedes, no longer simply on the present time nevertheless all weekend primarily, appreciate you ever been surprised by it?

MV: To be simply sooner than I purchased right here I didn’t demand to clutch the speed and be on pole, so per chance a itsy-bitsy bit bit. Obviously I also learn they’d to flip the engines down a itsy-bitsy, so that’s no longer helping for them. In total I ranking easy the automobile carried out very solid and better than expected, so for sure very happy with that. It’s a huge system to create the season, it’s a colorful enhance for all individuals in the group right here and for sure on the manufacturing facility and I simply hope for sure that we learn from the outdated years that we should be stronger before the entirety of the season in whine to give then a itsy-bitsy bit bit of a tougher time.

LH: What’s that about the engine?


LH: Us?

MV: Yeah that’s what they acknowledged?

LH: Is that gorgeous? I don’t ranking that’s the case.

VB: Perchance it’s, nevertheless we don’t know.

MV: Perchance they simply don’t desire to account for you!

Q: Valtteri, successfully done. Indirectly, an outstanding lonely speed for you this evening. Expose us about your speed to the 11th podium of the season.

VB: For sure, tried the entirety I’d also and I noticed magnificent early on in the principle stint that Max and Crimson Bull had more tempo. The principle stint became barely understeer-y for me. It became a brief stint nevertheless I felt that became a itsy-bitsy of a limitation nevertheless then we made a itsy-bitsy of an adjustment on the entrance flap for the 2d stint and that felt primarily, steadiness-wise, no longer irascible, simply no longer quick ample. So, for sure, it became interesting. We plan that the speed tempo will probably be magnificent exceptional identical to the Crimson Bull nevertheless it absolutely wasn’t the case on the present time. So yeah, clearly I’ve had exceptional worse races this year, so it’s primarily, in this form of season, some of the gorgeous ones for me. A minimum of it became nice and straightforward. Starting up up became gorgeous and the entirety – so would per chance perhaps also appreciate been a worse system to conclude the season. And if truth be told, if we take into accout the immense photos, now in this group, being crushed by Crimson Bull on the closing speed of the season, for sure it motivates us even more to work laborious over the winter for subsequent year to be certain this doesn’t happen again.

Q: And Valtteri, this P2 seals 2d in the Drivers’ Championship for you as successfully. How delighted are you with that?

VB: You know, as a driver ought to you are in primarily the most productive group overall this season, being 2d, it’ll’t be that fulfilling. But, you perceive, it’s something. So as to contribute to the group this season, getting the fourth constructors’ title for me in the group, and seventh in a row for us, so yeah, it’s better than being third, for sure. I train I will ranking a itsy-bitsy trophy to remove dwelling subsequent week and I’m sure when I’m frail and grey I will be succesful of glimpse this year and yeah, I became 2d, nevertheless confidently I’ll ranking a larger trophy in the future.

Q: Lewis, many congratulations to you as successfully. First up, can you simply sum up your speed to Third utter on the present time please?

LH: It became primarily the most productive I’d also enact. Congrats to Max, it’s a huge result, huge force from him all weekend and a huge showing that Crimson Bull has a solid automobile. As a long way as I’m mindful, we haven’t had any changes to our engine so I ranking it’s simply upright tempo from them relatively than us taking a step attend, and I ranking they’ve labored so laborious in some unspecified time in the future of the year so congrats to him and his group. It’s an outstanding very now potentially not circuit to… it’s no longer very easy to overhaul through at this circuit and I ranking it confirmed, indignant by we had been all barely end to each and each assorted – as adverse to Max, clearly, who pulled away nevertheless even Alex became gorgeous in the attend of me so it reveals the strength they’d on the present time. So yeah, I’m simply joyful I made it through and accomplished off easy barely solid by system of consistency, no longer making mistakes in the season. I’m joyful it’s done.

Q: Are you pissed off that you didn’t enact something assorted from a technique point of witness in some unspecified time in the future of the Digital Safety Automobile length?

LH: No, no longer primarily, I ranking… I don’t ranking there became the leisure else we would also appreciate primarily done. If I’d stayed out, the tempo they would appreciate had on that new tyre, that can simply appreciate eaten up the outlet that I had after which I’d appreciate done a pit conclude and lost even more time. So, there’s no longer primarily loads that you may per chance also appreciate done. It positively didn’t invent the speed in particular sharp. But yeah, it’s what it’s.

Q: And Lewis, right here is podium quantity 14 for you. How necessary became it so that you can conclude the season in the automobile?

LH: I don’t know the intention necessary. For me, it’s positively… it would appreciate been a long gap between Bahrain I and speed one. I ranking it positively became necessary for me to ranking attend and simply ranking attend to that continuity and create the year off solid with the group. Sure, we didn’t clutch nevertheless easy we bought a 2d and third and I ranking that’s easy a solid result. We easy scored more aspects than Crimson Bull as a group [sic] so that’s easy a solid showing this weekend, and we’ve clearly bought a fight on our hands subsequent year, surely these guys are going to be solid as this automobile he’s driving now would per chance perhaps be subsequent year’s automobile magnificent exceptional, and the identical for us. So, I’m indignant for that challenge and that fight that we confidently will ranking.


Q: (Giles Richards – The Guardian) Set a question to for Lewis. Lewis, this season’s been very uncommon. It’s also been appealing, no longer least in the focus of so many races into this type of time length, and on top of that you’ve also suffered with Covid-19 towards the conclude right here. Can you simply account for me easy systems to you fee this by system of it being your hardest season? Has it been your hardest season that you’ve had to remove allotment in and if it’s no longer, which season has been more appealing than this?

LH: I ranking it’s practically very no longer inclined to dispute which one is tougher than the assorted because each and each year you face something new and something assorted. I ranking this year, for me in my notion, I’d dispute it’s been some of the toughest years, if no longer the toughest year because, you perceive, we’ve all dealt with isolation. We’ve no longer been spherical other folks. There’s been a huge loss of life. Life is no longer fashioned. I’m grateful that we bought to speed and it’s been… these races can remove loads out of you and I ranking, yeah, for me positively, I ranking it’s a huge fulfillment for Formula 1 to appreciate bought us attend racing. Thank God for the successfully being and wellbeing of all individuals right here in this sport that’s managed to ranking safely through the year. Yeah.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To all three of you: after the digital safety automobile and the safety automobile pit stops, you had been on the laborious for a truly very long time to the conclude of the speed. How laborious had been you in a situation to push through that or became it a case of retaining attend to be certain you made it to the create?

MV: How laborious? Well, repeatedly with a margin since you knew that you had to enact barely a itsy-bitsy of laps after which so on the entire I became simply trying at what the fellows in the attend of me had been doing and for sure I became attempting to construct a itsy-bitsy bit bit of a gap nevertheless no longer, let’s dispute, in ten laps time, simply each and each lap attempting to ranking a itsy-bitsy out of it to appreciate a itsy-bitsy of a security margin in case your tyres topple or whatever nevertheless you then couldn’t trudge flat out nevertheless anyway on this track, it’s probably you’ll’t enact that because it’s unbiased too laborious on tyres and the closing sector is awfully no longer easy.

VB: I ranking, in keeping with the entire simulations and in plan we knew that it ought to easy be beautiful nevertheless no longer create a huge quantity of margin and what made it appealing became that I’d also take into accout that Max became pulling gap and for sure on the conclude I didn’t desire that gap to grow too exceptional and for sure I tried to construct up, on the identical time attempting to be certain we invent it to the conclude so it became all balancing it out and in some unspecified time in the future, the three of us, we are in a position to’t abet up with them and we now need to establish out and ranking to the create. If we had to enact two stops we would appreciate been loads slower overall so there became no longer many alternatives.

LH: No longer primarily the leisure so as to add. They both answered it magnificent exceptional. It became the identical for me.

Q: (Jerome Pugmire – AP) Max, you acknowledged a brief time ago that when you happen to launch the season more strongly you’re going to confidently be in the next utter to challenge. Does on the present time’s result leave you feeling more optimistic than sooner than this weekend, or enact easy ranking there’s appreciable work to enact and enact you perceive the assign these areas will probably be?

MV: I in truth don’t desire to suit the leisure on the 2d. We know we now need to work laborious over the winter to be better and stronger since you may per chance also’t simply rely on this result. We know that we easy need to give a enhance to the automobile loads and we perceive it’s some areas the assign we now need to primarily work on and that’s no longer handiest on the automobile nevertheless also energy-wise – we desire more. I’m hoping we learn from the last few years, it’s no longer admire we enact it on purpose nevertheless yeah, we are in a position to positively trudge into the winter with a colorful feeling. It’s repeatedly nice to clutch the closing speed, I ranking, for your entire group, in particular after a year admire this when it’s very no longer easy and various races followed up after each and each assorted so yeah, it’s been laborious on all individuals, in particular mechanics nevertheless also the opposite folks attend in the manufacturing facility manufacturing the entire new aspects because we brought barely a itsy-bitsy this year. Yeah, gorgeous enhance and yeah, I simply hope that we learn from our mistakes – also before the entirety of this year (these) we made and confidently build the next automobile to launch subsequent year.

Q: (Rebecca Clancy – The Occasions) Lewis, you acknowledged over the weekend that you’re easy no longer 100%. I feel about your precedence gorgeous now would per chance perhaps be to getting attend to your grasp mattress, nevertheless contractually, on the least, you don’t appreciate one for subsequent year and I became simply questioning ought to you’re going to take a seat down with Toto and figure out the closing particulars and pronounce your subsequent contract, if certainly you’re going to?

LH: Expectantly over the following couple of weeks. I’d luxuriate in – we would luxuriate in to ranking it done sooner than Christmas, I ranking. I plan to be right here subsequent year; I desire to be right here subsequent year. I ranking us, as a group, appreciate more to enact together and more to create both in the game nevertheless even more outdoor the game I ranking. So yeah, I’m hoping we are in a position to launch this week, discussions, and confidently ranking it tied up sooner than Christmas.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To the two Mercedes drivers please. It became Toto Wolff who acknowledged you mandatory to flip down attributable to a that you may per chance also ranking of MGU-Okay gremlin, nevertheless if that wasn’t the case for the two of you on the present time, how enact you display conceal no longer being in a situation to compare Crimson Bull as you’d expected?

VB: In fact, I wasn’t mindful that the engine became became down. I will be succesful of’t primarily dispute exceptional. I don’t know if it became how exceptional it became. So, I don’t know. Crimson Bull became clearly faster and for the principle time this year they appreciate this type of gap on the speed tempo in opposition to us so… no longer a long way more to dispute.

LH: Same primarily. I don’t… naturally, when we return now we are in a position to predict about it because I wasn’t conscious of that, in my notion. I arrived leisurely Thursday evening so I ranking HPP and Mercedes appreciate done job this year for us. You admire at my reliability, as an illustration, it’s been… managed to create each and each speed so it’s been primarily improbable nevertheless there appreciate been complications with assorted engines that Mercedes appreciate done, as an illustration for the Pressure India and with the Williams so it’s no longer… we positively appreciate work to enact so if they appreciate done something then it would invent sense for sure and I’m simply grateful that we accomplished now and we’re no longer going to be utilizing the engines anyway so… they had been gorgeous ample for us to enact donuts!


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