(Motorsport-Total.com) – Only the places 13 and 14 for Ferrari in Abu Dhabi, even Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa Romeo battle classified better. But Charles Leclerc believes: More battle for Ferrari in the Formula 1 final 2020 not to be done, not even with a different strategy in the race.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc

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Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc: Ferrari didn’t score in the season finale Zoom Get

When asked whether it would not have been better to swap the medium tires for onerous tires for the early Security Vehicle Fragment, Leclerc replied: “We would have driven in and out of the same space and would not have overtaken. It would not have changed much. ” And staying out on Medium didn’t help Leclerc much either.

Bottom line, it was a “very difficult race” for Ferrari, emphasizes Leclerc. He and Sebastian Vettel would hardly have done a trick. “Not much was possible even on fresh tires,” said Leclerc. “We struggled especially in turn 7, that is, in the curve where you have to be intestine to overtake at the end of the straight.”

Ferrari simply too slow in Abu Dhabi

So Leclerc was a whole third behind Alfa- Romeo driver Raikkonen firmly without ever getting into a real attack position. “The fact that we couldn’t overtake Kimi affected our race a lot,” said Leclerc. “We just didn’t have the pace.” And so Ferrari remained without points for the second time in a row, and that at the season finale.

Last night: Vettel’s farewell to Ferrari

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Letzte Nacht: Vettels Abschied von Ferrari

On the route battle the “Yawn Prix” of Abu Dhabi is no excitement, apart from that there are many stories to tell … More Formula 1 videos

“It’s a pity the year so to end, “says Leclerc. “It was just a very, very difficult year. And that’s why I’m looking forward to 2021, because I want to see whether we can develop united states of america in the right direction. “

He has nothing to reproach himself for. “Overall, I am very satisfied with my personal performance. I have taken quite a few risks that have mostly paid off. And when I look at the WM table before my eyes, then I could not have achieved more. “

Farewell to Sebastian Vettel

From the Team duel with Sebastian Vettel, Leclerc emerges as the clear winner. Thanks to him after he left the team : “It was great to drive with Seb as a team-mate for two years. He is a great person and a great driver. He has always driven me to become even better.”

“I’m also looking forward to Carlos now . He has a great likelihood in front of him. He is extremely consistent in the races, which he has proven this year “, says Leclerc.” It will be a great challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to it. “

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