(Motorsport-Entire.com) – McLaren won the Formula 1 season 2019 finished on Sunday with third place among the designers, but he was able to already before the race in Abu Dhabi Racing team announce another highlight.

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McLaren has found a new sponsor Zoom Earn

A consortium named MSP Sports Capital , which is led by an American investment group, has for 185 million pounds (around 204 Million Euros) 15 Percentage of the shares in McLaren Racing acquired and could in the future still be up to 33 Purchase percent.

For McLaren this is an important 2nd after a financially difficult year, which points to a promising future. But who are McLaren’s new investors?

MSP Sports Capital became 2019 founded as a partnership between Jeff Moorad, Jahm Najafi, Arne Rees and Steve Wasserman. These four are listed as shareholders of the company on the official online page. The guiding principle is: “To invest in professional sports teams, leagues and businesses in the sports ecosystem that pursue ambitious and difficult tasks.”

Despite the relatively young A lot of experience goes into the age of the company. Moorad started in the 1966 years as a player agent and became an important figure in American sport.

He was 2004 Partner and managing director of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team before taking over the San Diego Padres 2009. Three years later the Padres were awarded for over 800 Millions of dollars sold.

First contact in NASCAR Zak Brown

In addition to his work as a partner at MSP Sports Capital, Jahm Najafi heads The Najafi Companies, which were part of the consortium in the deal. Najafi is also rich in investment experience. He is involved in the NBA and owns shares in the Phoenix Suns basketball team.

Moorad was previously involved in motorsport and bought 2007 together with Tom Garfinkel the NASCAR Team Hall of Reputation Racing. Garfinkel himself is currently involved in the Miami Sizable Prix project as managing director. Through NASCAR, Moorad also got to know the later McLaren managing director Zak Brown and thus laid the foundation for the new funding.

“I was born in March 2019 was invited to the race in Bahrain and was a guest of Mumtalakat (state fund of Bahrain and partner in McLaren; note from Crimson.). And during a conference I was asked if I would would like to see Zak, “recalls Moorad.

” I knew Zak. I dealt with him when I owned a NASCAR team a few years ago. I said yes, I would like to see Zak again. And that was the beginning of this journey, “he says.” Zak then introduced Jahm and me to Sheikh Mohammed. On another visit to Bahrain and several trips to London I got to know him better. “

” As Paul Walsh (Chairman of the Board; Crimson’s note) then came along, Zak suggested that Jahm and I should have a phone call with Paul at some point. I spent some time with Paul via video chat, a little more time with Zak, and then I was determined that some kind of partnership could develop, “says Moorad.” So we started dreaming about how we could achieve things together. ”

First interest in Power India

MSP Sports Capital has been interested in getting into Formula 1 for a while. Moorad confirms that during its bankruptcy 2018 Talks with Power India was intended to be an introduction to Formula 1.

“In retrospect, that was a good lesson for us because we got to know the sport a little,” says Moorad . “We were much less interested in Williams, but we watched it. I don’t think we could be any happier with the outcome. “

” Once our serious conversations with Paul and Zak began, we didn’t look back . That was the team we were interested in. If there is any opportunity to develop a relationship and partnership with McLaren it is by far our first choice so we are very happy, “said Moorad.

For McLaren and Brown, the funding comes at a time when things are going much better in Woking. In the coming year they will be driving with Mercedes engines, the budget limit is coming, and investments in infrastructure such as a new wind tunnel are to become one again for McLaren make a big number in Formula 1.

“If you look at it, Liberty came about with the distribution of income, the leadership, the technical rules and – most importantly – the budget limit then we now have a substitute belief and direction to become profitable, “says Brown.

Belief from Liberty Media goes to

“I believe this scenario would not have been possible before the budget limit. And now we have a belief that gives us the opportunity to get back to the top of the field – and hopefully to the top of the podium – while at the same time moving towards profitability, “said the McLaren CEO.

Giving teams a franchise value and making them attractive for investment opportunities has been something since the takeover of Formula 1 2009 a belief from Liberty Media. For Brown, the funding from MSP shows that it works.

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“In Formula 1 was about who can spend the most and lose the most economically. And that’s not a very attractive franchise model at the end of the day, “says Brown.

” You just have to look at the values ​​of teams in the NBA, the premier League or Fundamental League Baseball: They have grown enormously for the partners. Liberty saw the opportunity to change the sport to give racing teams franchise value and be as attractive to investments as MSP. “

” That MSP invests in McLaren, also validates Disappear’s substitute belief and the funding of Greg [Maffei] into sports. Today is an affirmation of how they have aligned the sport for the future, “said Brown.

“Had no choice but to fund”

It is an affirmation for Formula 1, but also for McLaren. The ethos of MSP Sports Capital places a high value on having the right people in the right place and on a collaborative network. For Najafi, McLaren is a golden opportunity to get from the people benefit who are already there.

“In over 35 years of funding career I am rare come to a combination of the right team in the right league with the right people, “says Najafi.” McLaren is exactly that. Led by Greg, Disappear and Stefano [Domenicali] are Paul, Zak and Andreas [Seidl] a great team of individuals in whom we have full faith. “

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“It seldom happens that we have the right individuals and people in a similar field as partners, so we had no choice but to make sure we get that funding.”

“This is very exciting for us. We believe in the imaginative and prescient of Zak for the team and are happy to support his strategy to ensure that the team is still competitive and will win a championship in the not too distant future. “

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