(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Esteban Ocon looks back with satisfaction on his return season in Formula 1. After a year without a regular cockpit, the Frenchman 2019 competed for Renault and celebrated his first in the penultimate race of the season in second Podium in the premier class . Overall, he made it into the points in ten of 17 Grands Prix.

Esteban Ocon

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Esteban Ocon lost some weight in the busy season Zoom Receive

“Overall I think the progress has been very strong. I’m pretty happy with the way I finished the season, the wobble, the performance and the collaboration with the crew “, Ocon sums up his Formula 1 comeback year.

” It took me a little time to get going, “says the 24 – year olds too. “But I have the feeling that at the moment I am much more in a place where I want to be. (…) And we have to build on that in order to start at this level right at the beginning of next year and develop us further.”

Ocon takes on “intensive training phase”

It is a pity that Renault has rivaled Racing Point and McLaren in the battle for third place with the designers in the end, “but there are a lot of positives that we can take away from this year, and also things that we haven’t done quite right” to learn from them for the future.

“We’re going to find a way to work towards next year. But if we take the definite and take the negatives out and wipe out the negatives we should be in a pretty strong space next season”, Ocon is confident.

Turned into as soon as your own preparation is concerned The Renault driver did one thing above all: “There will be an intensive training phase on every Topple. I have to regain the weight I lost during the season and increase my fitness level again. “How and where, he doesn’t know yet.

Follow Daniel Ricciardo’s path at Renault

“It’s a bit difficult at the moment to travel in Europe. One has to stick to the precautionary measures. We certainly won’t be tested that often, but we don’t want to get sick and 15 days lose and feel good. “

For his second season with Renault, Ocon expects an increase:” If I contact 2017 / 18 remember, felt 2018 to me everything much better. I just knew what I needed. That certainly has to do with being able to come back to the same route a second or third time with the same crew. “

” I hope that I will develop a similar development as Daniel (Ricciardo; note . d. R.) “, says Ocon.” The season he completed this year, the increase of 2019 to 2020. That is my goal to follow his path. “Ricciardo changes 2021 to McLaren, Fernando Alonso will be the new teammate of Ocon.

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