(Motorsport-Total.com) – Even if Red Bull lost to Mercedes again in this Formula 1 season, the year was still a sovereign victory for Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi at least close on a high. A clear hint for Helmut Marko.

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Helmut Marko believes Red Bull can 2021 Measure with Mercedes from birth Zoom Salvage

“We beat Mercedes directly,” said the Red Bull motorsport consultant in an interview with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “And in the second race in Bahrain we had a car with which we would have been equally competitive.” There

an early start crash destroyed all hopes of victory.

Overall, however, Marko speaks of “good prospects for the next year”. The Austrian praises: “Max is getting better and better, only in Turkey he wasn’t patient enough. But the rest, fantastic. His qualifying lap in Abu Dhabi too. He’s so mature now.” Red Bull is therefore well prepared for the title fight 2021.


Nicholas Latifi (4): Für uns der schwächste Fahrer an diesem Wochenende. Im Qualifying nach einem Dreher in Q1 auf dem letzten Platz, sogar hinter Fittipaldi im Haas. Das geht für einen Stammfahrer eigentlich nicht. Im Rennen dann aber halbwegs ordentlich, das rettet ihn vor der 5.

Nicholas Latifi (4): For our weakest drivers this weekend. In qualifying after a spin in Q1 in last place, even behind Fittipaldi in the Haas. That is actually not possible for a regular driver. But then in the race reasonably well, that saves him from the 5th. Photo gallery

“That’s why we’ve developed so hard all season. And Honda is doing the same. So I think we’re going to be strong, really strong,” says the Red Bull motorsport advisor. The next formula The -1 season is the last of the team with full factory support from Honda, and Marko sees that as a great probability.

“It’s very encouraging. We know where we are, and there is good news from Japan from Honda. There are improvements in the engine. So we should be there from the first race on intestine “, he looks at the planned season opener in Melbourne the crew will be able to use its resources efficiently between the car for 2021 and the program for 2022, since the teams are allowed to start working on the aerodynamics for the following year after January 1st: “We organized that , the Knowing is pretty good. “

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