(Motorsport-Total.com) – Did you know that the finale of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” from 1989 would probably never have been shot like this without Sir Jackie Stewart? The three-time Formula 1 world champion now revealed this anecdote in an online conversation with Princess Anne for the charity organization Racing for Dementia.

Jackie Stewart

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Jackie Stewart turned out to be the end of the 64 he for Steven Spielberg as savior in the No longer Zoom Secure

Director Steven Spielberg was given permission to shoot in the archaeological site of Petra in Jordan, which was originally refused – until he met Stewart at a clay pigeon shooting for a good cause in Gleneagles.

“I’ve got a list of the people who were there somewhere,” says the 81 – year olds and remembers. “We even had half the royal family there because there was a royal group. And then there was a group of athletes, and the rich and powerful, that was a different group! They were all sponsored.” )

Thanks to Stewart, Spielberg got permission to film

Then Stewart lists a few well-known names, including Sean Connery and Harrison Ford, who played in Indiana Jones, as well as the director: “When Steven Spielberg showed up, he was surrounded by security people. (…) I went to him, to talk to him and I said how glad I was that he came to the event. “

” And suddenly he says, ‘Sorry, but this looks like over there King Hussein of Jordan? ‘ And I said, ‘Yes, he is.’ “Spielberg revealed to Stewart that they had tried to get permission to film in Petra – to no avail.

Photo series: Jackie Stewart’s Formula 1 career

Dreimaliger Weltmeister, Vorkämpfer für Sicherheit auf der Rennstrecke und ein Gentleman mit karierter Schottenmütze: So kennen die Formel-1-Fans den gereiften Jackie Stewart, der als heute 80-Jähriger nichts von seiner Frechheit, seinem Witz und seinem Charme verloren hat. Das Licht der Welt erblickte er im schottischen Dörfchen Milton rund 20 Kilometer westlich von Glasgow - als Sohn eines Autohändlers und Hobby-Rennfahrers, was sich in jungen Jahren noch nicht auf seine Freizeitgestaltung auswirkt.

Three-time world champion, champion for safety on the racetrack and a gentleman with a plaid tartan hat: This is how Formula 1 fans know the mature Jackie Stewart, who as today 80 – year old has lost none of his cheek, wit and charm. He saw the light of day in the Scottish village of Milton around 20 Kilometers west of Glasgow – as the son of a car dealer and Ardor racing driver, used to be does not affect his leisure time at a young age. Photo gallery

“As I said, ‘Perhaps you should speak to His Majesty?’ Additionally, I brought them together. Bingo. He got permission, furthermore he was a very lucky guy. ” The decisive final scene in the third part of the long-established trilogy could be realized furthermore at the Al-Khazneh temple, also known as the “treasure house”.

Formula 1: Knowledge transfer in the fight against dementia

In the conversation with Princess Anne, Stewart also sketched the role of Racing for Dementia, which he was inspired to create after his wife, Girl Helen, developed dementia. “It’s a difficult time for Helen,” said the Briton.

“She has dementia. One in three people in the world will die of dementia, and more people will die of dementia than any other illness. We use sport for young doctoral students, because in sport you absolutely want to win. And nobody remembers who is second, “explains the multiple champion.

” And In motorsport, the speed of change is faster than with almost everything I know used to be. Additionally, we use that for these young doctoral students. ” Funds were raised to fund a network of researchers who use advances made by McLaren, Red Bull and Co. to better understand the disease.

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