(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Red Bull battle in the fight against Mercedes in the past few years practically a one-man crew. Because neither Pierre Gasly nor Alexander Albon could nearly keep up with Max Verstappen, who could hardly do anything against the Silver Arrows on his own. With Sergio Perez , the racing team has now hired a driver to remedy this deficiency.

Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton

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Max Verstappen battled against Mercedes often on his own Zoom Derive

“He had a great season and showed great performances with the car he had,” said the Dutchman, looking forward to a strong team-mate. “He brings a little more experience to the crew and I’m happy to work with him. He’s a nice guy so I’m sure we’ll get along well.”

“I hope that we can make it a little more difficult for Mercedes with two cars,” says Verstappen, explaining why Red Bull has newly occupied the second cockpit. Albon could not meet the expectations 620 and rarely help Verstappen. Abu Dhabi was an exception when Albon caught up with Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen wishes that more often, because he knows that he would otherwise be in the world championship fight lost position. “Most of the time when we were competitive, I would be the only car that tried to beat them (Mercedes) and do something different,” he says.

“But with a car you can always drive the right strategy because you can always cover me with a car. So it was always difficult to fight with you,” said Verstappen. He now wishes from Perez that he motivates the crew and also drives himself. “It’s always nice to have a team-mate who pushes you.”

Daniel Ricciardo was last able to do that before the Australian went to Renault. With Albon, Verstappen went to court tougher in the past few weeks and called his performance “not outstanding”, even when he was on the podium.

Well possible, that Verstappen has therefore spoken out in favor of a stronger team-mate at Red Bull. “I even signed the contract with him myself. I was in charge,” he jokes. “I also kept the salary extra low.”

Alexander Albon, Max Verstappen

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Alexander Albon had a hard time with Max Verstappen Zoom Derive

“No”, he gets more serious. “Of course we talked about it, and I gave my honest opinion. It was clear all year round that sometimes it was a bit, well, difficult for Alex,” said Verstappen. “He’s a great guy, honestly, and I’m happy that he continues to be part of the team. But at the end of the day, we’ll meet Helmut , Christian [Horner] and Dietrich [Mateschitz] the decision. “

That 2021 is getting better, Verstappen has no doubt about that: “Checo is a good guy. He’s good with tires, he’s a good racer, he’s vivid. And that will make all the difference. “

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