(Motorsport-Total.com) – The world automobile association FIA has set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of women executives in motorsport by making it compulsory for more women to join the World Motor Sport Council and its Senate. The FIA’s annual general assembly at the end of the year agreed on this.


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The FIA ​​wants to actively promote the proportion of women in its own association Zoom Download

It is important “a Achieve more balanced gender and ethnic representation and create a more diverse and inclusive culture by ensuring better representation between men and women within the World Motor Sport Council and the Senate, “reads an FIA statement.

“The Assembly agreed to change the composition of the World Motor Sport Council by stipulating that at least three members of each gender should be represented among the vice-presidents and elected members.”

There are currently only two women n among the 19 members of the World Motor Sport Council. The rally world championship runner-up by 1982, Michele Mouton, is president of the Commission for Women in Motorsport by right member, while the Kenyan Amina Mohamed became an elected member earlier this month.

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Sophia Flörsch (18/GER): Durch ihren Horrorunfall in Macao wurde die bayrische Formel-3-Pilotin, deren Vater Alexander Flörsch ebenfalls Rennen fuhr, weltberühmt. Kann sie die Bühne nutzen? In der Formel 4 fuhr Flörsch regelmäßig in die Top 10 und erkämpfte zwei Podestplätze, in die Formel 3 stieg sie wegen des Abiturs mit Verspätung ein.

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The Assembly Also decided on changes related to the Senate, which is in the governance structure below the World Motor Sport Council and mainly deals with financial matters and general politics.

It consists of 12 members, including a Senate President, the FIA ​​President and the two deputies President. According to the latest decision, there must be a woman in each of the remaining members, who are elected or proposed in equal numbers by different bodies.

The step to increase the diversity in the management levels of the FIA, follows a year in which the world association of motorsport introduced the hashtag #PurposeDriven in all series. This mantra extends to all areas, including gender equality, as FIA President Jean Todt emphasizes.

“It’s about safety, traffic safety, the environment, equality, diversity. It’s more world. Of course we talk a lot about the environment. All member states talk about climate change, about the environment, “says Todt.

” But we mustn’t forget how much we are usafair and Get involved in road safety and other issues, because for the first time it will be mandatory that women are represented in the World Motor Sport Council and that women are represented in the Senate of the FIA. That is what changed into once we have to achieve. “

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