(Motorsport-Entire.com) – With Sergio Perez bumps 2021 not a child, but an experienced Formula 1 driver for Crimson Bull . Together with Max Verstappen, they want to finally stand up to long-term winners Mercedes . Used to be says the world championship team about the new constellation?

Sergio Perez

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Sergio Perez fights 2021 alongside Max Verstappen at Crimson Bull Zoom Download

“We always have Crimson Bull on the list,” emphasizes team boss Toto Wolff. “This is a good team that has performed at the top level in recent years. Not least with Max Verstappen. With Sergio Perez, you will of course gain someone who has a lot of experience who also has a lot of speed.”

The Mexican at Racing Point has just proven that this year – “with a long overdue race win”, he remembers Perez ‘triumph in Sachir. “In my opinion Crimson Bull is strengthened by this new addition from Sergio. This makes the Group even more of a strong opponent in the Constructors’ Championship.”

Hamilton: “Has really earned this cockpit”

Lewis Hamilton is also calculating with significantly greater resistance. “ With all due respect to Alex (Albon; editor’s note), but in the races it was mostly the case that Valtteri and I drove against Max “, he recapitulates the season 2020.

“I was also in Max’s Space, especially at McLaren, when I was the lead car and the second car couldn’t fight,” recalls the world champion to the years 2008 / 09 when his teammate was called Heikki Kovalainen. “So I think that this is a strengthening for Crimson Bull. Especially because Sergio is performing so well.”

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“He drove incredibly well this year and has really earned this cockpit,” said Hamilton, welcoming Perez’s stay in Formula 1. Because after Racing Point won 2021 early on Sebastian Vettel, it was not clear for a long time where the Mexican was coming Season.

Crimson Bull again for a long time with two strong drivers

Now with Crimson Bull it has even become a top team. “I think it will be exciting to see him face Max, and that will make life as a group difficult for united states of America,” said Hamilton. “We have to win united states of america, because this is a fight that has not been in a while, that Crimson Bull has two strong drivers who fight against united states of america.”

Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who competed for the runner-up title 2020 was only just able to prevail against Verstappen, expresses itself similarly. “I’m really happy for Sergio. He deserves a cockpit in Formula 1, and now he’s in one of the top teams. That’s good news,” emphasizes the Finn.

He too speculates that the new cop duo will put pressure on: “I have a feeling that the fight against Crimson Bull will be a bit tougher, but I can only speculate about that at the moment. We’ll see how it will be. Interesting for sure. “

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