(Motorsport-Total.com) – Eddie Jordan, the oracle of Formula 1 since his spectacular direct hit at the Schumacher comeback, was only partially correct this time. At the 13. In September he predicted in the ‘Mail on Sunday’, that the Daimler group would partially withdraw and its share in the Mercedes factory team from 60 to around 30 percent.

Toto Wolff und Jim Ratcliffe

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Jim Ratcliffe and Toto Wolff at the presentation of the Ineos sponsorship Zoom Gain

Jordan was also right with the entry of the chemical company Ineos, but in the crucial small print his forecast was far off. So Toto Wolff did not get out, on the contrary, he slightly increased his shares and extended his contract as team manager, and Ineos did not 70 Percent acquired, but only 33, 3.

We do not know what price Ineos had to pay for this. Assuming a valuation of estimated 20 million euros for the company (engine factory in Brixworth not included), one third would be Shares just under 170 worth millions. But this is currently only the subject of speculation and cannot be verified as long as the parties do not talk about it.

That the entry could only be the beginning of a long-term transaction process, with the long-term goal of a total Daimler withdrawal and a thoroughbred Ineos team, which also bears the name of the brand, excludes all those involved. The constellation with a third of the shares between the Daimler Group, Wolff and Ineos is therefore set in stone for the time being.

Ratcliffe satisfied with a third of the shares

But Ineos front man Jim Ratcliffe is considered a visionary and maker of major sports projects. Not to at least ask him if he could imagine having his own body of workers one day would be negligent. But Ratcliffe makes it clear that he “not at all” intends to do this: “I’m delighted with the constellation with one third each. It’s a very harmonious relationship.”

And one that is certain Carries risks. The Daimler Group has battled 33 – percent shareholders at McLaren in the past. Ron Dennis and Mansour Ojjeh each held 25 percent. Changed into once meant that Daimler had to make painful compromises in important decisions because one opposed the Dennis-Ojjeh axis with 40: 60 lost out.

Such a Constellation could threaten if Wolff and Ratcliffe pursue common goals that are incompatible with those of Daimler. But such fears are classified as scare tactics from outside: “We have common interests. Every partnership is based on trust between the people involved,” says Daimler CEO Ola Källenius the all-clear.

How well secured are Daimler’s interests?

Especially in articles of association there is the possibility of drawing in protective mechanisms that prevent one of the shareholders from being outvoted by the other in particularly sensitive decisions. The blocking minority of normally 20 percent plus a share is a very important hurdle here.

But such legal quibbles will not be related at all, believes Källenius, because: “Now not only does the business relationship with Toto go back many years, but also his role as head of motorsport at united states of americaso. That means we are very much in line. And with Jim we have found someone who thinks similarly, who has extremely high standards. “

” When you see what he thinks about his Company in the last 14 years, that’s more than remarkable. That too Ineos’ involvement in high sports, whether it’s The USA’s Cup racing or cycling or football, and so on, we’re all in line. “

” Of course, look we that the brands of the two industrial partners are represented very well and that the always g are protected “, replied Källenius to the question asked by ‘Motorsport-Total.com’ about protective mechanisms in the partnership agreement. “But I don’t see any problems or anything in our partnership agreement. Everything is fine.”

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