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This thread is a hub for well-liked discussion and questions about Contrivance 1, that don’t decide threads of their own.

Are you original to Contrivance 1? Right here is the build for you. Ever wondered why it be called a lollipop man? Why the autos don’t refuel right thru pitstops? Or when Mika will probably be encourage from his sabbatical? Quiz any demand you can have here, and the community will resolution.

Additionally fabricate sure you take a look at out our recordsdata for contemporary fans, and our FAQ for contemporary fans.

Are you a old fan, craving for the days of lollipop males, refueling right thru pitstops, and Mika Häkkinen? Right here is the build to introduce original fans to your passion and recordsdata of the game.

Nowadays’s random F1 facts:

Day to dayFactsby/u/Fart_Leviathan

  • The file for many pit stops right thru a single flee is held by Alain Prost. He stopped 7 occasions right thru the 1993 European Tall Prix.

  • F1 engines can’t be became on when they’re frosty. They want to be pre-heated on the grid or within the pits, before trying to originate the automobile.

  • Flee Engineer Harvey Postlethwaite only conform to be a part of Hesketh Racing Group because they got him inebriated.

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