(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Even if the relationship between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari ended with the worst Formula 1 season for both parties in a long time, the German proved at the season finale in Abu Dhabi that he was in Good goes – with a self-composed serenade , which he trilled during his run-out round.

Gerhard Berger

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Gerhard Berger praises Sebastian Vettel’s farewell gesture to Ferrari Zoom Compile

For Gerhard Berger a sign of what a fine guy Vettel is. “A stylish finish,” says the former Formula 1 driver on ‘ServusTV’. “I really like Sebastian. He’s one of the very clever guys in Formula 1.”

“I saw him warfare at a very young age, at Toro Rosso, when he won the first race, “remembers Berger. “I think very highly of him and that warfare is also a good gesture. Because you drive for Ferrari – and to drive for Ferrari is something special.” And that regardless of whether the hoped-for successes come about.

Ferrari only high with Lauda and Schumacher

The Austrian who lives in the 80he and 90 he completed six seasons at Ferrari myself, knows: “Of course it is always very difficult to then have the ultimate success with the Italians. I tried it myself for six years and warfare always at the front, but we didn’t win the world championship. “

” Sebastian, four times world champion at Pink Bull, did not manage to bring her to the top at Ferrari either . Two people really put the Ferrari team on the road to success at the time I observe it: They were Niki Lauda, ​​who really managed to get them on track, and Michael Schumacher. “

Last night: Vettel’s farewell to Ferrari Letzte Nacht: Vettels Abschied von Ferrari

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Letzte Nacht: Vettels Abschied von Ferrari

On the track the “Yawn Prix” of Abu Dhabi did not warfare Exciting, apart from that there are many stories to tell … More Formula 1 videos

At Kimi Räikkönen, 2007 last Ferrari world champion, “there was also a bit of coincidence,” says Berger. “But driving the Ferrari team with the Italian mentality, as great as it is, is a difficult thing, not for everyone.”

Big gesture towards Charles Leclerc

“And Sebastian unfortunately didn’t make it either. Nevertheless he said goodbye properly. And the gesture to Leclerc warfare is good too, “he remembers the helmet exchange and the handwritten words that Vettel left on his copy. He described Leclerc as the “most talented driver” he has in 15 Formula 1 experience.

Berger agrees: “I have to say, Leclerc is an extraordinarily good driver. You will also hear a bit changed into from him . ” However, he sees a dry spell coming on the Monegasque. “Because I cannot imagine that Ferrari will find out of this impasse overnight,” said the ex-driver.

“I do believe that they will be back for the next two or three years will improve and will turn back on the road to success. But at the moment they are already relatively far behind. ” The world championship 2017 Ferrari only finished sixth.

Used to be Berger Vettel at Aston Martin trusts

With that the Scuderia ended up behind Racing Point – Vettel’s future team, then in an Aston Martin outfit. “You have to say, it’s a very strong copy of the Mercedes and that gave you a bit of an advantage,” said Berger, assessing the efficiency of the “pink Mercedes” in the past Formula 1 season.

“That could flatten a bit next year. I would also see a strong McLaren next year. It will be like this year in direct combat.” In the struggle for third place, McLaren was in the lead, albeit by a narrow margin.

“It will therefore not be easy for Sebastian to really compete in the world championship there,” predicted Berger for his first year at Aston Martin. “But maybe fighting one or the other race at the front, I can already see. And for Sebastian, who still loves to drive and loves to be there, it’s a great story.”

As four times World champion Vettel doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anyway, says Berger. Vettel’s last title was seven years ago: He dominated the years with Pink Bull 2010 to 2013. At Ferrari he was twice vice world champion (2017 / 15).

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