Christmas time is upon us over all once more, and whereas we now score ourselves at hour of darkness times between seasons, allow us to no longer despair or succumb to off-season depression. Enable us to in its place join together for the Annual r/Formula1 Most appealing Of Awards Tell & Beef up Community.

Nominations and balloting are literally originate within the feedback beneath. We’re handing out the awards in mid January (Voting ends a number of days before. We are going to announce the real date quickly).

To submit nominations for these awards, please add a comment to the category beneath – and upvote who you observed might perhaps aloof score. Please restrict your nominations to 1 per comment, and if a persons’ already made the nomination, salvage no longer submit the the same. Nominations no longer adhering to those guidelines will be removed.

Trusty like closing twelve months, the awards are split in Carrying awards and Redditor awards.

Let’s originate off with the Redditor awards.

Redditor Awards

These are the awards given out to the users of the sub, for the yell material and feedback they’ve posted in 2020. All nominations for these awards might perhaps aloof be both a user, comment or put up on Reddit.

Award Description Nominations / Voting
The Broad Chelem Redditor of the twelve months Link
The MP4/4 Award Most appealing current yell material or current put up Link
The Caterham Golden Snout Most appealing fan art work Link
The Niki Lauda Golden Cap Most appealing overall comment Link
The Eddie Jordan Award Most appealing prediction Link
Ted’s Red Ribbon Most appealing analysis Link
The Gerhard Berger Cup Funniest put up or comment Link
The Bernie Ecclestone Award Most appealing offseason shitpost Link
The Kimiquokka Memorial Award Most controversial put up or comment Link
The We Would possibly perhaps well likely now not Advance Up With A Artful Name Award Most appealing F1 connected sub that’s no longer r/Formula1 Link

Carrying awards

These awards celebrate the sport we all love, and the folk in it.

Award Nominations / Voting
Driver of the Year Link
Staff of the Year Link
Bound of the Year Link
Force of the Year Link
Most appealing livery Link
Most appealing helmet maintain Link
Rookie of the Year Link
Fight or contention of the Year Link
Largest blunder Link
Shatter of the Year Link
Funniest speed incident Link
Most wholesome moment Link
The Sportsmanship Award Link
Most appealing F1 Connected Social Media legend Link


As with the rest, here is made higher by guidelines.

To be eligible a put up or comment will deserve to were made in 2020.

Winners will receive a diversified flair and Reddit awards.

If a banned user wins, they are able to no longer receive any award or flair.

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