(Motorsport-Entire.com) – World Champion Hamilton received a total of three racing penalties during this Formula 1 season. While none of them had an impact on his seventh title, it coincided with three of the six Grands Prix he 2020 could not win.

Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton wants to be more careful in the future, used to be possible punishments Zoom Download

The first Hamilton suffered a penalty at the season opener in Austria when he received a five-second penalty for a collision with Alexander Albon and fell back from second to fourth place. The Mercedes driver was hit even harder at the Mountainous Prix of Italy, where he had to complete a ten-second finish-and-dawdle penalty.

The reason: Hamilton had entered the pit lane at a time when when it was closed . After serving the sentence, he dropped from first to last place. In the end he was able to fight his way up to seventh place.

Instead of punishment anger, growing respect

The world champion was most annoyed about two time penalties of five seconds each, which the race stewards gave him in Sochi because he started training before the race completed the wrong job. Hamilton raged that the stewards had tried

to “slow him down” and described the punishments as “ridiculous”.

“Ultimately, you say things in the heat of the moment,” admits the 35 – year olds meanwhile one. “If you have the feeling that you are sometimes swimming against the current, then I think it’s a human reaction. Looking back, we can always reflect and think that we can do things differently.”

F1 season review 2020 with Toto Wolff

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That’s exactly why Hamilton says: “I think we’ve grown a lot this year, both as a sport and through the steps we’ve taken. Even though I rarely see the stewards, I think the respect between us, the FIA ​​and the stewards – and also the understanding. “

Hamilton:” I have learned my lesson “

Although he is still not of the opinion that the punishments he has received,” were the necessary punishments ren “. At the same time the Briton emphasizes: “It is not my job to decide what the penalty should be used to be.” Anyway, he learned his lesson.

“You won’t catch me for it again, that’s for sure,” promises Hamilton. “I just have to be very vigilant and conscientious. As an athlete, of course, I always try to find an advantage, yes, that something extra. It’s a fine line. I’ve learned from it, and it won’t happen again.”

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