(Motorsport-Whole.com) – With his title win 2020 Lewis Hamilton equalized Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 record, who also won seven world championships, and once more immortalized himself in the history books. For FIA President Jean Todt, this is not the only reason to take off his hat to Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas

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“I was very impressed, but I didn’t get up to 2020 “says the 74 – year olds. “He’s already won seven world championships. So I’ve already been impressed at least six times. And of course I’m also impressed by the performance, by the continuity that the workforce was able to achieve.” Because in this sport no driver can achieve anything without the right environment. And Mercedes is “the best example of outstanding team spirit and teamwork”.

Todt: Hamilton always thinks about the workforce

And he adds, “I also have to give Lewis a lot of credit. Every time he talks about success, he talks about the workforce that is behind So I’m very impressed, and of course that also explains why the records have fallen. “

Photo series: Schumacher and Hamilton in statistics comparison

91 Formel-1-Siege haben sie beide, aber wie fällt der Vergleich zwischen Michael Schumacher und Lewis Hamilton bei diesem Meilenstein in anderen Statistiken aus? Wir machen den Check!

91 Have Formula 1 victories both of them, but how does Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton compare in other statistics at this milestone? We’ll do the test! Photo gallery

Of course, the comparison to Schumacher’s successful years at Ferrari in the early 2000 that Todt, as team boss, had a decisive influence on. But he says: “We talk about different people, different ingredients. The only thing we can really compare are the seven titles.”

“Apart from that, on the one hand you have a very structured, organized German workforce with a particularly talented driver “, analyzes Todt.

Mercedes today stronger than Ferrari back then

“And on the other hand you have an Italian workforce with a different mentality, a different approach that has become a well-structured, well-organized workforce and also had a great driver – Michael Schumacher. “

Jean Todt


Jean Todt rates Mercedes better than Ferrari in its best times Zoom Download

“But I would say,” says the former team boss citadel, “that the predominance of Mercedes and Lewis is greater than that which we had with Ferrari and Michael. And the car is very reliable , more reliable. ” Hamilton’s consistency over the past two seasons is the best proof of this.

Because: “Apart from the second race in Bahrain, which Lewis missed (because of a corona infection; note by the author) He hasn’t missed a single point in two years, which is absolutely outstanding, “said the FIA ​​President. “And it shows that the driver doesn’t make any mistakes. It’s just the combination again.”


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