Numbers- I agree, the old numbers were HIDEOUS. I did a runt of more browsing and stumbled on a Ferrari Quantity plate. I additionally added the Spanish flag stripes to the head of the numbers maintaining in custom of what they’re doing with the driver nationality.

Horse- As mighty as I loved the horse, a few followers posted the draw it would perchance perchance maybe be backwards on the diversified aspect, which is upright.

Sponsors- I kill no longer non-public them all right here, however I kill non-public a majority. And I made them greater to be considered. As u/liquiddiviums identified….I had the circulation MissionWinnow. I non-public corrected that and I additionally want to thank him for a few more solutions in DMs that he gave me.

Paint- I kept the pink that I and all americans loved, however I wished so as to add a twist with the shaded.

Also, I want to thank u/Tywnis for advice on the appropriate draw to gain the layering over the automobile. Its less difficult with the aviation ones I kill, so I very mighty just like the wait on.

Hope you all gain pleasure from this one!

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