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That was going on on Wednesday on Twitter, Instagram & Co.: +++ Video: Behind the scenes – Sainz ‘Ferrari visit +++ Hamilton’s Christmas speech +++ Joke cookie Kwjat +++

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Christmas at the Alfa-Romeo -Jungs

Robert Kubica’s Christmas decorations remain in place all year round, they were all good, but none of them like to sing …: D

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Joker Kwjat

AlphaTauri says goodbye to Daniil Kwjat again and shows his best outtakes from recent years Media relations …

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Hamilton’s Christmas address

The world champion reflects again at the end, modified into as soon as he and the team do not only athletic but also off the track. He especially emphasizes his world championship run in Istanbul and how much he missed the fans on the track. And he emphasizes that he still has big goals!

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Sainz sees red: Now also in moving images

We had you yes, pictures from the first visit by ex-McLaren driver Carlos Sainz to Maranello have already been shown. Ferrari and also Sainz themselves are stepping up again and sharing even more insights behind the scenes.

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The separation of the year

That Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris will not wear the same team colors in the coming year will be difficult digest. However, they are still busy exchanging ideas on social media. For example, under Sainz ‘Ferrari video, Norris commented on the red t-shirt: “Did you buy that on Ebay?” Then Sainz: “No, but I can ask Ferrari if they can send one to my best friend.”

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Mercedes remembers the Schumacher announcement

Do you remember when we were all just Schumi in red ( and maybe still in blue) … That had changed before eleven today. “The 23. December will always be a special second in our history, “writes Mercedes. “On this label, the great Michael Schumacher announced his return to Formula 1 with Mercedes.”

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