(Motorsport-Whole.com) – After crossing the finish line in Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas celebrated the past Formula 1 season again with a few donuts on the Originate up and home straight. The engineers always clap their hands over their heads with such pictures, but after the last race it is no longer seen as seriously.

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Donuts: Followers’ hearts open up, engineers slip into their pants Zoom Get

Because engine and gears do not have to be used after the season finale anyway. These are always heavily used. “It’s not great,” says Mercedes chief strategist James Vowles when asked how damaging donuts are to the components “he explains. “When it comes to the transmission, it depends on how you release the power. If you do it gradually, it’s k,” says Vowles. Permanent damage to the gearbox was not seen, but it wasn’t great for the construct either.

“Our car was not built to have the rear tires for 30 seconds to a minute, “he says. In addition, you have to keep in mind that Mercedes had to do the Younger-Driver-Take a look at with the car on Tuesday afterwards.

Why Mercedes lost to Pink Bull

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Warum Mercedes gegen Red Bull verloren hat

Mercedes chief strategist James Vowles explains why Bottas and Hamilton were so slow in Abu Dhabi and where the Lauda star was hiding More Formula 1 movies

But No subject: The car was rebuilt with different components than on the race weekend.

And while Hamilton and Bottas were celebrating donuts on the home straight in Abu Dhabi, one was missing: race winner Max Verstappen did without it. Mercedes then asked Pink Bull why. “I think it was a communication mistake,” says Vowles. “You had forgotten and Verstappen did not go into the grid.”

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