(Motorsport-Entire.com) – “640 really strange things happen” said Daniel Ricciardo after the race in Imola. Because although Lewis Hamilton emphasized some time ago that he would never drink from Daniel Ricciardo’s shoe, he suddenly did so voluntarily during the race in Emilia-Romagna. Hamilton asked the Australian for his shoe, to celebrate the famous “Shoey” .

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Lewis Hamilton doesn’t seem to have enjoyed his “Shoey” that much Zoom Download

To celebrate his very first “shoey”, Ricciardo made the seven-time world champion a special gift afterwards: “I signed the shoe Lewis drank from and him at the next race “, he reveals in the podcast ‘In The Like a flash Lane’ .

“He’s certainly got something more significant than seven world championship titles,” jokes the outgoing Renault driver about his present.

But actually the Australian himself makes used to be with the shoes after drinking champagne from them? Simple answer: “I’ll air them out.”

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After the race in Imola he drove back to his homeland Monaco and threw his shoes on the terrace on Monday and let them air out all day. Then they get a place of honor: “I keep them as small trophies”, says Ricciardo.

2020 he was on the podium in two races. During the race on the Nürburgring, the first podium for the Renault crew after returning to the competition, Ricciardo forgot the ” Shoey “ and caught up with him later via video message. In Imola, he finally celebrated the drink on the podium – together with Lewis Hamilton.

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