(Motorsport-Total.com) – George Russell was able to draw attention to himself in Sachir as a substitute for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes with strong performances, but the Briton admits that his driving style, which he is used to at Williams, made things a little more difficult: “My driving style at Williams hurt me a bit at Mercedes,” he says.

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George Russell first had to adapt to Mercedes Zoom Download

And as Russell the other way around, some things from Mercedes wanted to implement it at Williams, he had to find out that that is also not possible. “I couldn’t do that with Williams,” said Russell. “That showed me that you have to be open and always have to adapt to what used to be the car gives you.” that he can drive like that in a Williams – and vice versa. ” That made the switch back to the backbench team a little more difficult for him.

The Mercedes W 11, on the other hand, is what a driver wants to be used to: “Whatever you want from a racing car, the Mercedes gives you it. And you can feel it,” says Russell. “The driver controls the Mercedes, whereas with us the car sometimes controls the driver. We have to react to that.”

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2021 he will still have to make do with the Williams, because Russell will continue to drive for the Physique of workers in his third year. His goal: to keep up with the upward trend, to continue to have a sure attitude within the team, not to be frustrated by the poor efficiency and to push Williams forward.

“Mercedes believes in me. You gave me this opportunity and always supports me. Therefore, it is my duty to continue on my path and not suddenly turn off due to any circumstances and become something that I am currently not, “he says. If he succeeds, many will see him 2021 at Mercedes.

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