(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Ferrari puts its focus on the new Formula 1 regulations 2022 and only want to do something on the car for 2021 in the coming year a “bad peril”. Nevertheless, team boss Mattia Binotto emphasizes that a year like 2020 should not repeat itself again: “That we can’t accept, “he clarifies.

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The Scuderia closed the past season only in sixth. Although the cars will basically continue to be used 2021, Maranello is still striving for at least that third place. “We definitely have to do something better than before.”

But at Ferrari you also know that 2022 gives a new probability with a completely new regulation. “2022 becomes more important than 2021 “, emphasizes Binotto. “And if you start the year with a backlog 2022, then it will only be in the following years become more difficult. “

Therefore, the” top priority “in the coming year will be on the development for 2022. “And if we do any work on the car for 2021, it’s because the Peril is worse than expected is or because we 2021 have to learn something in order to 2022 to be better “, says Binotto.

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The Hopes for the coming season are on a brand new engine and a car that produces less drag. “When I see how we develop the car, I have hopes that the season will be better,” said the team boss. “But you never know until you have compared yourself to the others on the track.”

Binotto has no illusions and knows that only hard work will bring you back up : “We first have to make united states of america aware of where we are at the moment. We have to accept sixth place with humility, because we don’t get better simply because we are Ferrari.”

“We get better because each one is doing a better job than in the past, “he says. “And for that we need full determination and clear ambitions. But I’m sure that the crew will have that today.”

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