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The battle on Christmas Day on Twitter, Instagram & Co. started: +++ Now it’s getting cozy! +++ Contemplative outfit-Take a look at +++ Grosjean expresses thanks +++

17: 29 Clock

Still a few Christmas greetings …

17: 18 o’clock

It goes in the cozy Part about …

The presents have been distributed and the big feast is on its last legs. It’s no different with our heroes …

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outfit- Take a look at

Became for a holiday guy are you? The classically festive or the kitschy Christmas …

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A special Christmas also for Romain Grosjean

“I enjoyed Christmas very much,” writes the now former Formula 1 driver on Twitter. After his bad accident in Bahrain, no wonder. “I am happy to be here with my wife and my three little monkeys!”

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