From what we know as a lot as now, no longer exceptionally like a flash no. She competed in F3 with Campos, finishing plot on the aid of Peroni but earlier than Deledda, even when she scored no components on your complete season. I deem she also can’ve scored some components if her qualifying turned into as soon as greater. When she competed in European Le Mans for Richard Mille Racing, they performed all races 10th or 11th, while the outdated 2 run results earlier than she came in the assign fifth and sixth. This also can correlate with the fellow she replaced, as Negrao turned into as soon as a WEC champ earlier than.

She is certainly no sail and deserves some more time to compete in junior formulae, but as of correct now she has handiest proven the mindset of a F1 driver with her snappy comeback from ruin, but no longer the consequences that might maybe warrant a step as a lot as F2.

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