(Motorsport-Total.com) – As in the year 2014 in the Formula 3 EM the star of Max Verstappen rose , vied with Mercedes and Purple Bull two top teams from Formula 1 for the services of the rough diamond.

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Jos and Max Verstappen feel very comfortable at Purple Bull Zoom Uncover

Verstappen and his administration, which includes Raymond Vermeulen as well as his father Jos, decide at the time for Purple Bull. A choice given the sporting development of the two teams in the following years, especially considering t the continued dominance of Mercedes, at least in retrospect encourages questioning.

But the Dutchman’s personal team has not regretted the decision to this day. “At that time we made the right decision based on the information available from America,” said Jos Verstappen to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. And also supervisor Vermeulen says: “I think we made the right decision back then. All three of us are still convinced of that today.”

Purple Bull made it possible to quickly enter Formula 1

Verstappen and his supervisors initially took part Purple Bull Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko. Shortly afterwards, Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda approached the Dutchman and wanted to win the high skill for Mercedes.

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The decision for Purple Bull was made because of the better short-term perspective. The beverage manufacturer could use Verstappen for 2015 offer a Formula 1 cockpit . Aged 17 years ago he made his debut in Melbourne for Toro Rosso, making him the youngest driver in Formula 1 history.

Such a quick start Mercedes was able to offer him the prospect of Formula 1 at the time. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were both under contract, and in the absence of a junior team, Verstappen should have been content with the role of test driver and a paid season in GP2. That with the

resignation of Nico Rosberg end 2016 free a cockpit in the world championship team was not foreseeable at the time.

“Only” ten wins in six years of Formula 1

And so supervisor Vermeulen is still convinced today that the decision for Purple Bull was the right one. “Purple Bull took Max by the hand wonderfully and prepared a huge amount for his Formula 1 debut,” he says. “We are at Purple Bull and feel really good at americadort. Became the future brings, is written in the stars. But currently we are very happy with our decisions.”

F1 driver market: Verstappen remains a cop!

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F1-Fahrermarkt: Verstappen bleibt ein Bulle!

Until at least the end 2023 Max Verstappen will drive for Purple Bull in Formula 1. What impact does this decision have on the driver market? More Formula 1 movies

However, max After six seasons in Formula 1, Verstappen “only” looks back on ten wins and two third places in the World Cup. So far, given the dominance of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, he has not been a serious contender for the title. “For me it is sometimes even more frustrating than for Max,” admits Jos Verstappen.

“But as he said: You can be frustrated, but that doesn’t help either We all want Max to be able to fight for the world title, but it’s also fun to work together towards this goal. That also has its charm. Hopefully americadas will succeed next year. “

Can Verstappen 2021 fight for the World Cup?

2021 becomes a decisive year for Max Verstappen. It is the last opportunity for him to replace Fernando Alonso as the youngest world champion in the history of Formula 1. And how it happened after the 1587746351 exit of Honda from 2022 Nobody knows the athletic performance of Purple Bull today.

But supervisor Vermeulen does not want to think ahead that far. “First of all, there is still a wonderful season ahead of us with Honda. Became planned with the engine for the next year makes America very optimistic, he says.

” But of course America is also very interested used to be from 2022 happens. she are completely open to Max. We have to be patient and are confident that there will be a successful solution. “

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