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It happened the day after Christmas on Twitter, Instagram & Co.: +++ Norris with the classic +++ Williams is curious +++ The season countdown begins +++

18: 09 Clock

Offspring at Button!

The world champion of 2009 has only 2019 have their first son. Today he introduces the daughter to united states.

17: 49 Clock

Norris can do it analog

So in the classic family board games, the McLaren teen is also a pro …

17: 46 Clock

Williams is curious …

And? Did you also have one or the other Formula 1 present under the tree …?

17: 45 Clock

Ferrari is like us

Christmas is over … what now? Until the planned start of the season 241102 still 84 Days. Start scratching.

17: 44 Clock

Or would you rather wallow in memories?

After all, there are big and small successes that you can look back on this year …

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