Sebastian Vettel sure couldn’t wait of getting out of that red Ferrari suit and jump into the british racing green one after a rather poor campaign for the german. He was regularly out-paced by his team-mate, a young gun of Charles Leclerc. However, Vettel believes that although he did not manage to win the so-desired Championship in his six-year stay with the team, there sure are some fabulous moments looking back.

“I think it is hard to pick one memory over all these years.” admits Sebastian. “What I will keep, for sure, for the rest of my life is having the time, not only with professionals but with the people behind the set of red with a great heart and a great passion that drives them. The commitment they have towards the team, the guys in the garage, the guys in the office, in Maranello.”

However, when questioned about the key personnel at Ferrari, Sebastian initially reflected on his race engineer Riccardo Adami, with whom he already collaborated at Toro Rosso: “Riccardo from my workgroup, without a doubt. I travelled with him and it was important to have him as a pillar because we already knew each other. He understood me. In terms of track performance, he was the most important person.

Yet, in a larger picture, Sebastian continued: “Maurizio Arrivabene. I think that from the outside he was not well understood. It was not easy to work with Marchionne. He was very particular, he put great pressure on people and with Maurizio, he was not always kind. But I think Arrivabene really has a big heart.”

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Tim Kodermac


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