Fernando Alonso is returning to Formula 1 in the season 2021 behind the wheel of an Alpine car, and the Spaniard does not expect a fight for the top spot this year.

The two-time world champion is betting significantly more on the season 2022 when Formulation 1 will experience a major rules change.

Alonso answered the question what results would satisfy him in the 2021 F1 season:

“What would satisfy me? I have no special expectations regarding the results. It would be nice to get on the podium. There seemed to be more opportunities for other teams this season than in the past, but I am aware that the podium came because of the disasters that Mercedes has experienced in individual races. ”

The two-time world champion has significantly more prospects than the season 2022, as he believes that then his team Alpine in an inappropriately better position.

“The goal is clear – year 2021 is a year of preparations, integration with the team, and if we managed to get some podiums, it would be fantastic. ”

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