I in general love WTF1. I love how they highlight some of the more fun aspects of F1 and it’s sizable for unique fans. But listening to masses of their podcasts they’re going to also be very condescending. Recently they possess been talking about Twitter’s response to Lewis winning sports persona of the year and how some non f1 fans didn’t salvage it reason he “genuine drives around in circles.” And they acted love these folk are the dumbest folk of all time. Most folk don’t learn about the intricacies of F1 and for the hosts to tell that they “would prefer to possess their [ignorant] mind” for a day is correct now not sitting effectively with me.

They assign the identical factor with their commenters. When folk raise up the “Hamilton has the preferrred automobile” argument, they demonstrate how grand input the motive force has. But first, they wish to again act love these commenters are the dumbest folk available. This occurs with many diversified takes. They assign their commentary allotment out to be total morons.

I get hold of that too in most cases there’s this “holier than thou” perspective and that because they’re F1 pundits they’re genuine so grand more knowledgeable and more inviting than identical old fans. I hit upon F1 podcasts because I’m a Superfan and know genuine as grand as they assign and I love the ingredient and wide diagnosis. I don’t wish to be lectured at and made out to be some moron because I have faith Russell’s efficiency within the merc almost certainly lessens Hamilton’s achievements this season.

I love WTF1 and the hosts. However the condescending perspective to any individual who isn’t an F1 fan or any individual who disagrees with them needs to end.

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