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Fernando Alonso

28 options · 41 minutes in the past

That smile would possibly well also brighten any person’s day.

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Ayrton Senna

2 options · 17 minutes in the past

Grinning bask in the cheshire cat! that smile will wake up any person’s day even from the very best long-established Honey Badger himself and MemeLaren…sorry McLaren will likely be a happier location (sorry with the two jokers at McLaren now I needed to call it for as soon as “MemeLaren” so spare me that one!)

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Nigel Mansell

1 level · 9 minutes in the past

He appears to be like to be basically chuffed to be leaving 2020 in the encourage of. As we all are.

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Ric x Norris it’s basically fascinating no longer to bask in McLaren

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let’s trot Danny Ric + McLaren 🙂

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Pierre Gasly

1 level · 2 minutes in the past

He appears to be like to be impartial appropriate in the rest tbh

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6 options · 11 minutes in the past

Rattling hardcore fan

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