It goes without saying that Daimler would prefer having a 7-time World Champion in a Mercedes next season as well. However, it would seem that the negotiations have reached a deadlock in November and it remains so up until today.

It is hard to believe that Lewis Hamilton is the only driver not to have signed a contract extension yet. According to the Britton and the Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, the contract has not been settled due to high workloads during the season and was expected to be soon after. But here we are. The negotiations are still up in the air and reports are coming in that Daimler has actually put a stop to an agreed deal: “In November, when Formula 1 went to Turkey, a contract was ready that meets Hamilton’s requirements: a four-year contract with a salary of 50 million a year. Daimler, however, put a stop to that,” claims the Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sport. The main question Daimler must be asking themselves is: Is it worth spending 50 million a year on Lewis Hamilton or promoting George Russell for a few nickels? Of course, it’s not as simple as Lewis Hamilton brings a massive following from the outside and can work as a great marketing tool.

However, as a result, Lewis Hamilton is still without a contract for next season. “It remains to be seen what the results of the talks will be. Now, however, a third party has a stake in the matter: Ineos. The new deadline for the contract extension is now at the end of February, just before the start of the winter tests in Barcelona,” concludes the newspaper. Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton have been continuously denying the rumours, but if there really is nothing separating the two sides, where’s the signed deal?

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Tim Kodermac


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