stage 1

Guenther Steiner

4 gains · 5 hours within the past

The second quickest driver to sit within the #8 Lotus

stage 2


1 level · 4 hours within the past

Lol no

stage 1

Rio Haryanto

5 gains · 3 hours within the past

Lotus F1’s 2010 automobile is Renault R30, now now not Lotus T127.

Lotus T127 is Crew Lotus/Lotus Racing/Caterham’s 2010 automobile.

stage 1

Charlie Whiting

2 gains · 5 hours within the past

I’d now now not be greatly surprised if we attach your total racing Fittipaldi’s in an F1 automobile as of late Emerson would now now not be shut to the slowest.

stage 2

Jacques Laffite

-1 gains · 4 hours within the past

Wilson is three years older, wasn’t shut to Emmo’s tempo in his high and now not like Emmo didn’t continue racing elephantine time into his tiring 40s. Pretty easy wager to produce there, mate.

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