Continuing to dangle the off-season staring at worn races. With all due respect to F1 journalists, 2018 places 2020 within the coloration. Some random suggestions for commentary / dialogue:

  • Seb had a obliging likelihood to dangle the WDC and paddle up 5-4 on Lewis and he correct would possibly maybe maybe maybe not pull it off. The Ferrari had huge tempo and Mercedes had varied negative technique calls. Someone who poo-poos Lewis’s abilities desires to be pressured to rewatch this season.

  • It’s huge to scrutinize Kimi on the podium so in most cases, but his response to his pit crew member breaking his leg was disappointing. C’mon, Kimi, paddle uncover about if the man is okay.

  • We shit on Haas now, but man they were on to something in 2018. No folk, no money, and repeatedly working within the head 10.

  • China 2018. Danny Ric in a Purple Bull overtaking Ferraris and Mercedes to dangle in accordance with a appropriate tire technique. It feels esteem one more universe.

  • Man, has Max matured lots in 2 years. I’m a mountainous fan of his but he was a dipsh*t that season.

  • Warm fuzzies: GP3 champion George Russell looking out at subsequent to Toto.

  • I was stunned in hindsight how long it took Charles to heat up. The principle few races within the Sauber gave the affect esteem he was in over his head. Then he started pulling out top 10 finishes and was off to Ferrari.

  • Valtteri was the truth is stable. This is what you name hideous just appropriate fortune.

  • The lower-midfield was so mighty much less awful than it is now. In 2020, the final 3 teams had 8, 4, and nil capabilities, respectively. In 2018, every crew other than Williams had 25+ capabilities.

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