Sebastian Vettel has had a season to forget with Ferrari. Being regularly outpaced by his younger teammate was one of the major criticisms the german has received and many have questioned whether he still possesses the pace he once did when dominating in a Red Bull machinery. However, Vettel disagrees, claims that he’s a better driver today than he was in the first half of the previous decade.

“I’m better. With more experience, with a clearer picture than when I was at Red Bull.” said the new Aston Martin driver in a recent interview with F1 Insider, “When you are self-critical, you always have doubts. I have not forgotten how to drive, but rather, I try to analyse why I was not able to use my skills 100%. Of course, sometimes you get in your own way.” he added, reflecting on his struggles with SF1000.

It seems Vettel is starting a new chapter with a fresh set of courage and confidence: “I don’t expect any guarantees of success in the future, but I do expect a lot of hard work. We need to use the atmosphere of optimism in the team as we try, step by step, to get closer to success. We now have the opportunity to write another chapter in Aston Martin’s motorsport history. It’s exciting for all fans of the brand, as it is for Formula 1 and the sport itself”.

Sebastian Vettel has been a runner-up to Lewis Hamilton in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

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Tim Kodermac


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