The lengthening of the vehicles in 2010. I know that it was as soon as pushed by the need for a increased gas tank wanted with the abolition of refuelling, but IMO it assign us on the path of gradually lengthening wheelbases that contain led us to the limousines we contain now.

I withhold the barely unpopular opinion that the 2009 vehicles had been a huge development visually over the 2008 ones. I mediate the 2008 vehicles looked frankly ridiculous. They’d what I take advantage of to take into story as a “1990s webpage” peek to them of “ooh there would possibly be an empty affirm there, better assign something in it”. I know that every bit on them did back an aerodynamic motive, and that many folks cherished how ‘aggressive’ they looked, but IMO they honest looked overkill.

I thought the 2009 vehicles had been grand better attributable to this. I didn’t admire the sizable and narrow rear drift, but otherwise I used to be as soon as a fan of the orderly traces of something admire the Brawn, Williams or Toyota, and IMO these rules worked correctly with the pretty short wheelbases of the 2009 vehicles.

Then in 2010 they lengthened them and additionally they, IMO, looked ridiculous. You had this sizable, skinny rear drift, and then also this extremely long, narrow car. They honest looked disproportionate and as though they’d been stretched out. I used to be as soon as so gay in 2017 after they widened the vehicles all over again and made them a piece more proportionate, even though most of them had been still the length of busses.

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