Williams Formula 1 team is reorganizing itself after the August sale. It has been announced today that the iconic British team will strengthen its link with Mercedes and therefore not further develop it’s own gearboxes and hydraulics and instead source them from its engine supplier.

Another year at the very end of the grid for Williams, but things are not as bad as they might seem as they’ve managed to close the gap to the rest of the field and were even in contention for points at some of the races. However, the team is far away from their glory days under Frank Williams.

In August, the sale of the team has been agreed and first changes have been made soon after it’s acquisition. However, Darlington Capital is looking to further reorganize the team by linking it closer to the German constructor at the top of the table whose engines they’ve been using since 2014, resembling Ferrari – Haas partnership.

“Historically, Williams has built its own gearboxes and hydraulics in-house, however, the increased partnership with Mercedes will enable Williams to implement a more efficient design and manufacturing process in-house in the long-term,” said the team in a statement. “Williams will continue to design and manufacture other chassis parts.”

“For Williams, it makes sense to acquire the integrated powertrain after running our power units since 2014,” said Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal. “For our team, it makes sense in terms of economies of scale to supply another team under the new rules.”

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Tim Kodermac


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