r/formula1 - Michael Schumacher in his Benetton B194 (1994), ink and watercolour

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9 aspects · 3 hours within the past

Awesome job.

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Popular Poster5 aspects · 3 hours within the past

Thanks, I care for it (:

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3 aspects · 2 hours within the past

I in reality care for that style. Reminds of the the kids books I faded to care for after I was youthful. Unbelievable work

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3 aspects · 2 hours within the past

Magnificent colors

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Sebastian Vettel

3 aspects · 1 hour within the past

Very effectively executed! That is my all-time licensed F1 automobile.

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2 aspects · 32 minutes within the past

This style is wonderful. Unbelievable job!

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out heading within the correct direction

Created Jun 8, 2008

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