After a year and a half, Max Verstappen will be getting a new teammate. The decision to replace Alex Albon was expected as he did not manage to close the gap on the Dutchman, something that was expected on him. Just a few days after the season’s end, the team announced that Sergio Perez is the best choice for the 2nd seat. Is the Mexican able to reduce the gap and bring another Red Bull into play with the dominant Mercedes?

Max Verstappen is quite convinced that non of the current Formula 1 drivers could match him in the same machinery: “In the end, I beat everyone, and that’s good. As my father always says – you have to destroy your teammate,” he told Ziggo Sport. Yet the Dutchman hopes that the new addition could bring the 2nd car closer to the front of the field to battle the Silver Arrows, however, has no intention of letting the Mexican too close to his rear end: “You have to be faster than your teammate. I know that Sergio is aiming for the same. Besides that, it’s important for the team to join the fight in front with both cars, just like with Daniel back in the day,” added Verstappen.

Verstappen’s father, Jos, was Michael Schumacher’s teammate back in 1994 at Benetton and while the german went on winning his first world championship, Jos finished 10th with only 10 points to his name. For the rest of the career, Jos Verstappen was scrapping for points at the various teams at the end of the table, never managed to enter a top team again.

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Tim Kodermac


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