After the 2-year hiatus, Fernando Alonso is returning to the Formula 1 paddock for good and fans will be eager to see whether the Spaniard still possesses the pace he once did. Fellow countryman and Ex-Formula 1 driver, Pedro de la Rossa, not only believes in his ability to match younger colleagues but can become the oldest world champion since the 50’s when the sport has been dominated by Juan Manuel Fangio and Giuseppe Farina.

it does not seem that the 2021 season will be much different than the previous year in terms of power ranking between the teams. However, 2022 could be an entirely different story as new regulations will finally kick-in and Mercedes could finally lose its dominant position.

“Fernando loves Formula 1,” said de la Rosa. “The last few years he spent outside of Formula 1 taught him to appreciate the sport, so his return is generally very positive both for him as well as for Formula 1.”

De la Rosa, with 105 Grands Prix starts under his belt, says Spain’s interest for F1 had died down in the wake of Alonso’s departure from the sport at the end of 2018. But the prospect of the 32-time Grand Prix winner returning to the grid has revived the country’s old flame. “He can win another world title and that has caused a lot of excitement,” added de la Rosa. “Everything was a bit sad before his return. The people didn’t care about Formula 1, because there wasn’t a Spaniard who could win.”

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Tim Kodermac


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