Husband and partner team Ernie and Karen Graham were a rare feature on the FIA European Ancient Rally Championship since 2017.  In 2019 they had their simplest season with loads of Category 1 victories in their Ford Escort Twincam enabling them to provide 2nd total on the end of the season, correct two aspects in the encourage of championship Antonio Parsi and Giuseppe D’Angelo.

For the 2021 season the British couple are though-provoking up to Category 2 with a Ford Escort RS1600 and are having a gape ahead to the brand new challenges that this could bring this season, starting in Sanremo next week.

Q1: How personal you and your family been real via the Covid-19 Pandemic and personal you been in a predicament to compete in any originate of motorsport real via the past Twelve months?

Ernie Graham: “Happily none of us has been in my understanding suffering from Covid-19 but we each and every work in the care sector and it has been sad to peep many older of us that were impacted by it.  We simplest did the Elba Rally final Twelve months and, though it became as soon as no longer phase of the championship, we in level of truth loved the opportunity to complete such a big occasion.”

Q2: 2019 became as soon as a correct Twelve months for you, with dominant class wins and correct lacking out on the Category 1 title.  What became as soon as the spotlight of the season for you?

EG: “The spotlight became as soon as positively the Lahti Rally with the outstanding roads and the lovely Finnish countryside.  On that occasion, it became as soon as gigantic to no longer simplest to design shut our Category but furthermore to half in our son Will’s simplest end result of the season when he and his co-driver Michael won their class too and performed 5th total in their BMW M3 at their first strive. We knew we had all long gone successfully after we ended up beside every varied in post-occasion scrutineering!”

Q3: What are your plans for the 2021 FIA European Ancient Rally Championship?  Salvage you intend to construct up phase in all rounds?

EG: “Yes, we understanding to complete the entire rounds, Covid permitting. We in level of truth trip visiting the areas the build the events are held and riding on what have to be about a of the simplest rally roads in the field.  It’s furthermore stunning to be phase of the championship with the healthy camaraderie amongst all people enthusiastic.” 

Q4: What is your favourite rally on the 2021 EHRC calendar?

EG: “It’s significant to decide from Lahti and Elba. I care for the comfy gravel roads in Finland, which Escorts are made for!  On the quite loads of hand, the island of Elba is admittedly elegant and offers a big backdrop for the rally with its flowing tarmac phases.”

Q5: Philosophize us extra about the Ford Escort you will compete on this Twelve months. When did you have in mind it and what’s the history of the auto?

EG: “This Twelve months, we understanding to exercise our Category 2 Escort.  We won the championship on this class encourage in 2005 so it’s about time we did all of it as soon as more!  The auto has the extra extremely tremendous BDA engine, which goes in level of truth successfully and sounds gigantic too. We had the auto built a series of years previously as a duplicate of the works Escorts from the 70’s and it’s in level of truth particular so that that you just must well pressure what became as soon as one of iconic autos from that golden technology of rallying.” 

Q6: Who end you accumulate into legend to be your famous opposition for the Championship?

EG: “We are contented that two varied husband and partner crews personal registered for this Twelve months’s championship – Swedes Anders and Ingrid Johnsen in their Porsche and Hungarians Laszlo and Edit Mekler in their Alfa Romeo.  Now we personal loved a series of shut battles with each and every of these contenders in the outdated few years and we’re having a gape ahead to extra this season.  It’s miles hard to convey who will procedure out on high on the end of the Twelve months but could well per chance merely the simplest couple design shut!”

Q7: The 2021 FIA EHRC season will launch in Sanremo next week.  What are your thoughts on the Sanremo being encourage on the calendar?

EG: “As one of many typical events in the field of rallying, I’ve Sanremo in level of truth deserves its pronounce in the championship. The mountain roads provide their have extraordinary area and provide the opportunity to trip twisty tarmac phases at their simplest.”

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